CARES Funding Provides PE Equipment for
Students At Home

In March 2020, many districts received CARES funding to respond to the challenges of COVID-19 in our schools. One district used part of these funds to purchase personal equipment packs for all students during distance learning.

We interviewed their Physical Education Curriculum Development coordinator and shared her answers below.


One Bag for
Every Student!

This district sent home one bag full of at-home PE equipment to every elementary student. Over 20,000 students!


PE Equipment for Home Learning

Equipment packs included 3 Scarves, 1 Jump Rope, 1 5" diameter foam ball, sport stacking cups and a bag.


Supporting PE with CARES Funding

This district purchased student packs to support lessons developed by the PE department team.

PE Curriculum Development Coordinator Q&A

Q: Which department within your district was responsible for distributing funding?

A: “The funding came from the district level. Our director of Elementary Instruction worked with the district to secure the funding. Our Elementary PE department worked on securing the quote and building the student kits when the materials arrived. Our warehouse delivered the materials to the school sites.  The school’s site administration and staff set up the distribution/pick-up for our students.”

Q: How you were able to access federal funding?

A: “Our Elementary PE department asked for materials and our district worked on the funding. Elementary Instruction Director worked with the district cabinet and administration to secure the funding.”

Q: Were you given specific requirements for purchasing?

A: “I was told our budget amount and our student numbers and was asked to get quotes that reflect those parameters. I worked with Gopher Sport to develop a kit that met our district’s needs and budget.”

Q: How did your PE program use CARES funding to address the challenges of teaching PE?

A: “Purchasing these materials (student kits) will support the lessons we are creating and developing for our synchronous and asynchronous lessons. We are building our lessons as a department team and using google classroom, google meets, and virtual classrooms to deliver our lessons.”

Q: What advice do you have for PE teachers who are interested in securing future federal funding?

A: “Ask! Our district is very supportive of our elementary PE program and they always try and do what is best for students. Movement education is essential! It is more critical today than ever. Our students have been distance learning for almost a full year and the outdoor play, student interaction, and physical education have been so limited. We all need to work together to keep our students moving and engaged.”

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share with us regarding your experience?

A: “Our students that are participating in distance learning have enjoyed the lessons we have created and the equipment is a great addition so that we can broaden our lessons and skill development experiences. We are thankful for the funding and for all the support Gopher offered us.”

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