What Are We Doing?

The daily activity challenge will be a social media challenge for teachers, parents and students. We will be posting a new challenge every morning at 8 am. Our hope is that teachers will share the challenge with their students and they will upload video of themselves performing the challenge as well.

How Are We Going to Do This?

This is a great opportunity to show a little personality and possibly feature some of your family members. The photos below share a few activity challenge ideas. These are just ideas, we encourage you to be creative and come up with your own!

While our main audience will be upper elementary students, it’d be great if you could offer variations for skill level and older students. “How many can you do in a minute?” “For an extra challenge, try ____ reps”.

What to Include in the Video:

Other Logistics:

Uploading the Video:

Please reach out to Michael Ewen with any questions at