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Personal equipment packs and activities designed for teaching PE during challenging times.
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At-Home Lesson Plans - Selected specifically by Dr. Robert Pangrazi
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g 85862 deluxe parachute activity

16 Parachute Team Building Activities

Parachutes are an excellent way to develop strength, endurance, and work on team-building skills with younger students. Below you’ll find my parachute team building lesson for K-3, although many of the activities can be used with older elementary students as well. Enjoy! Lesson Intro:  Today we are going to work as a parachute team.  There is actually a special team


Holiday Police: Stop the Grinch!

Prerequisites: How to safely chase, tag and flee from others. Objective: To provide students an opportunity to work on cardiovascular fitness while working on chasing and fleeing skills in a fun holiday environment. Suggested Grade Level: K-5 Materials Needed: three or four green coated-foam balls, 3-4 blue coated-foam balls, poly-spots for bases, cones for boundaries. Spatial Organizations:  Large open space


4 Activities to Celebrate Native Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month, or as it is commonly referred to, American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month. Native American Heritage Month provides Native peoples the opportunity to celebrate their diverse and rich cultures and traditions as well as educate non-Natives about their nations, raise awareness about the unique history of the United States and Native peoples. At

kids Elem basketball

3 Elementary PE Basketball Activities for Physical Education

It has been my experience regardless of what level of education you teach, when you mention hand dribbling every student gets excited because this means basketball! Out of all the units, hand dribbling is their favorite with foot dribbling and catching/throwing as a close second. Before we can begin with the fun activities, I always have my students start with


Success in the Face of Challenge

All teachers know and understand the demands of teaching. Every day brings different challenges and students arrive with different issues. Beyond the rigors of working with students are the institutional challenges. Issues such as teaching spaces, class sizes, lack of substitutes, administrative demands, and equipment needs are often controlled by personnel outside of the PE setting. Join us on the next PE Huddle for a discussion with Aaron and Cherrelle about ways to succeed and stay motivated in spite of the adversity that comes with teaching.

ClassActivity MiddleSchool JumpRope 277

4 P’s to Master Pacing in Physical Education

Throughout my career as an elementary physical education teacher, I have developed a strong appreciation for teachers who develop a natural sense of pace when creating and implementing a lesson. Too often I meet or observe elementary physical education teachers who focus on packing as much content as possible into a lesson. Over time, this can cause a subconscious value


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