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Are you an innovative teacher who is passionate about sharing ideas to further the PE profession? Do you have unique organizational or teaching strategies to get students more active? Have you developed instructional methods that teach specific skills, concepts and tactics? We are looking for blog writers who can share their passion for PE, sports and fitness!

Gopher welcomes submissions on a wide range of topics pertaining to physical education. These ideas should be well-researched and practiced and can include teacher tips/activities, fitness or sport ideas! Please review our blog to see if your article is related to the type of content we publish.

Before submitting, we recommend reviewing the Gopher blog to understand our style, format, and tone. Most of our blog posts run between 500–700 words and are written in list format.

Please fill out the pitch below and we will contact you if we’d like to include your post on our blog! Submitted articles cannot be published elsewhere.

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