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The Role of Pedometers in Physical Education

Dr. Robert Pangrazi, author of Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary Students, shares why pedometers are necessary in schools.

  • Pedometers are the most accurate way to measure student activity.
  • They provide teachers and students with instant feedback.
  • It’s easy to analyze student data, create reports, share and export results.

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Using FITstep Pedometers

Becoming Familiar with
FITstep Pedometers

Gopher’s line of FITstep pedometers measure steps, activity time, and moderate to vigorous activity time (MVPA).

Where to Place Your
Pedometer for Accurate Data

Finding the proper pedometer placement is important for collecting accurate pedometer results.

Understanding Steps, Activity Time,
and MVPA

Dr. Robert Pangrazi shares the preferred method for measuring student activity data.

Upload Data Using FITstep Pro Data Readers

Click on the “FITstep Pro” Tab

Upload Data Wirelessly with the FITstep Stream

Click on the “FITstep Stream” Tab

Did you know federal relief funding
can be used to purchase pedometers?

Which Pedometer is Right for My Program?

The most accurate pedometer on the market.

Measures steps, activity time, and moderate to vigorous activity (MVPA) time.

Easily adjust steps-per-minute (SPM) threshold for the most accurate MVPA data.

Records complete and accurate data while worn at almost any angle.

An easy-to-read MVPA graph is visible in every mode, providing students with instant feedback.

Upload data digitally to the FITstep software to save time and stress.

Collect, sort, and filter student data to create individual and class summary reports.

Export full student database to excel file to include with additional data and reporting.

Upload pedometer data wirelessly with a single push of a button.

Instantly transmit data for up to 50 students within seconds.

Available individually and in sets of 15, 30, and 100 pedometers.

Pedometer Accessories

Hear From the Experts!

Fellow teachers share how and why they're using pedometers in PE.


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