Author: Mark Banasiak

Mark is a 20+ year veteran of elementary physical education who loves his job and was the 2019 SHAPE America SD Elem TOY. He loves presenting at conferences/workshops and shares information about teaching #PhysEd via his personal blog –

Tips for a Successful PE Parachute Lesson

When a family or group of friends gather for a meal, they often sit around the table, share stories, laugh, and smile. When you gather around a parachute with your class, this has a similar feeling. In fact, this is probably the one activity when you can see the faces of each participant throughout the entire activity. This enables you to see every smile, enjoy the laughter, and hear the deafening screams as they shake the parachute!

A well-structured parachute lesson allows students to follow directions, work as a team, and have fun! And yes, they can get their heart rate up while shaking and giggling!

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