Category: Kinesthetic Learning

Whether in the gymnasium, playground, or in a classroom—discover how to incorporate kinesthetic learning strategies into every lesson by adding movement. Other PE teachers share their experiences and observations of the positive impact kinesthetic learning has on their students. Discover new ways to integrate more activity into non-PE classes and how to strengthen cross-curricular connections to encourage kinesthetic learners.

4 Ways Physical Activity Can Boost Mental Health [Interactive]

The more physical activity a child gets now will only benefit them later in life. Schools with the country being shut down and schools being closed, a lot of kids are not getting the physical activity they need. Here are four reasons why physical activity can help boost your child’s mental health.

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Full STEAM Ahead in P.E.

Physical education forms part of a multidisciplinary curriculum, but integration doesn’t compromise teaching the concepts important to developing a physically educated individual. (3.7.1 SHAPE America

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