Creating a Product Review for Gopher

Gopher has a wide selection of new products that are unique to physical education. In an effort to share the news about our new products, we are asking our contributors to share feedback and publish their thoughts and ideas around ways to utilize our unique products. These reviews will be published on the Gopher blog site and shared in our bi-weekly email! We encourage you to take video and photos to enhance your article. The more video, the better!

When you are finished writing your product feature, you can upload it here!

Once you are happy with your product feature, you can submit it using the form below. We’ll follow up with confirmation and feedback shortly after the form is submitted!

When will I receive my product?

You should receive your Gopher product within 3-5 business days after receiving a shipping confirmation email. 

What Should I Write About?

Product quality review:
When you first receive the Gopher product, make note of the quality. Will it hold up to the use and abuse of your students? What do you like about the design of the product? Many teachers see Gopher products in our catalog but aren’t able to feel the quality or test its durability. This is a great opportunity to write about your experience and first impression after seeing the product.

How do you plan to use the product?
Many of our products include activity instructions, but we encourage you to use your experience to think of unique ways this product can enhance your PE classes. Teachers are always looking for variety and versatility with their equipment. Brainstorm some ideas and write out a list of different uses for this product. 

Provide an in-depth explanation of two games or activities:
Please share a few game or activity ideas using this product. Provide detailed explanations of the game so a teacher would be able to follow along and replicate it with their students. Have your students use the equipment and either take photos or video of them doing the activity. 

What is your overall impression of this product?
In summary, please share your overall impression of the product. Did your students enjoy the equipment? Did it enhance your program and provide unique ways to engage students while building skill or increasing activity? If you feel comfortable, we encourage you to take a video of yourself providing a short video review with the product in hand.

What if I don't like the product?

If you don’t like the product, that’s OK! We encourage you to be honest while reviewing our products. If it’s a negative review, we’ll share it with our product development team, and they will use it as a way to enhance the product in the future. We won’t publish any negative reviews, but we will use your feedback for internal development. 

What if I can't take photos or video of my students?

Many teachers aren’t able to take photos or videos of their students. You could video yourself demo’ing the product or explaining a game or activity. You could also record a more interactive review by sharing your opinion on camera and explaining your thoughts on the product.

What should I do with the product when I am finished with my review?

Keep it!


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