How to Create a Podcast Episode

The purpose of the PE Express podcast is to inspire educators and share new ideas and best practices to improve their teaching. Podcast episodes focus on a theme with a few supporting ideas. Episodes are between 2-4 minutes.

When you are finished recording your audio file, you can upload it here!

If you are comfortable with editing the audio for your podcast, please feel free. Otherwise, you can submit the audio file below and we will make any edits and enhance your audio before publishing.

Finding a Topic:

While most podcasts are lengthy conversations between two people, we’re approaching this podcast as a quick source of information that can be listened to over a morning commute or prep hour. Try to think of a few tips focusing on one theme that will help the audience become better PE professionals (2-4 minutes)

Podcast Topic Examples:

  • Share your process on how you start every class period.
  • Top 5 Favorite Instant Activities that Students Love!
  • How you assess students during virtual PE.

Recording a Podcast:

If you have a microphone of your own, please use that for the highest quality audio. If you do not have one, a cell phone works just as good!

Tips for Using a Cell Phone to Record a Podcast:

  • Open up a voice recording app (Voice Memos for an iPhone, Voice Recorder for Android).
  • If you’re using your phone, speak load and clear and hold the phone fairly close to your mouth.


  • Record a short test clip to make sure your audio sounds good. Some things to check for:
    • Audio popping: sometimes when a microphone is too close to your mouth, audio will get distorted if it’s too loud. Words that start with the letter “P” often times will get distorted. Test it out by saying “PE Express Podcast”
      • Solution: hold the microphone/phone farther away from your mouth
    • Background Noise: Can we understand you well? Do you hear any background noise (hum, washing machine, kids in the background).
      • Solution: Try to find a quiet, enclosed room to record your podcast. A walk-in closet with clothes around you is a great spot to record audio. Try your best to remove any other audio interference (closing windows, turning off loud appliances, ect…)


  • If you can create a makeshift phone stand, that will eliminate any extra muffling/distorted sounds caused by moving a phone. Your phone speaker is very sensitive. Try to keep your phone still while recording.
    • This can be done by stacking some books or placing your phone on top of a box.
    • Please keep the phone close to your mouth while speaking (similar to how you’d speak during a phone call.)

  • If you happen to mess up during the podcast, please just say something in the recording and we’ll make sure it gets taken out before we publish it.
  • Once you are done, please submit the podcast using the link at the top of the page. If you are having a difficult time doing this, you can email it to me at or text it to Michael at (507) 446-5777.

Is there a script I should follow?

Podcast Begins – 

Listen to more examples here

Part 1

Teaser from you (example): “Virtual education is a challenge, and I know it’s a challenge you’re up to. I have a few thoughts to share with you about virtual education and about you and your feelings.”

Please record this section and wait a few seconds before recording part 2 or send 2 separate audio files.

Gopher will record this

Recorded Intro Starts (Gopher will record this section): Welcome to the PE Express podcast. Two to three times a week, a PE expert will share a tip, activity idea or teaching strategy to help you become a better PE professional. Today’s host is the author of Dynamic Physical Education and Professor Emeritus at Arizona State University, Dr. Robert Pangrazi.

Part 2

Host records 2 – 4 minute topic (example): “Virtual education and social-emotional learning can occur at the same time. Oftentimes people think just because we’re doing distance learning and it’s not face-to-face that there’s no need to think about social-emotional experiences…”

Gopher will record this

Recorded Closer (Gopher will handle this): This session of the PE Express podcast has come to an end. Be sure to subscribe for more tips, activity ideas and strategies to help you become a better PE professional. We’ll see you soon, right here on the PE Express podcast!

Podcast Ends-


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