Writing an Article for Health and Physical Educators

The Gopher PE Blog is to be an educational resource for all Physical Education teachers. This blog features thought-provoking, industry-related articles that inform and challenge the Physical Education community.

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What Should I Write About?

Write about your passion! If you’re looking for specific blog topics, we encourage you to visit our blog to see which topics we typically cover. Popular PE topics include activity ideas, advocacy, classroom management, field day, motivating students, team building, space management, and so much more

Blog Guidelines:

  • Gopher offers the professional development program solely to help teachers and promote health and physical education. The intent is not to use it as a promotional website to sell equipment, but rather as a place where teachers can share and find information related to quality teaching.
  • Keep your contributions positive and constructive. It is easy to find fault or criticize, but more readers are attracted to supportive suggestions that are intended to improve and support instructional effectiveness.
  • Teachers are busy people and find it difficult to take more than five minutes to read, listen, or view the contributions of others. As you put together your thoughts, try to work within a concise and specific framework.
  • Be passionate in your writing and speaking. Assume you are speaking to one teacher and make it personal and heartfelt. Don’t write about yourself; teachers are interested in your ideas and suggestions rather than learning about who you are and all the things you have done.

How Should I Structure My Blog?

  • The introduction paragraph should include the blog topic and purpose of the blog.
  • We recommend including 3 to 5 subheadings to layout your findings or ideas.
  • Blog length – we recommend keeping your blog length between 500-1000 words. We encourage you to include headers, bullet points and images to keep the reader engaged.
  • Photos and videos keep the reader engaged. If you have any photos or videos to share with your blog, please upload them along with your article.

Best Practices

  • Recommended blog length – Minimum 500 words
  • Include original photos/videos. Please spend some time thinking about additional ways you present your ideas. If it’s an activity idea, record your students doing the activity. Photos/Videos can be emailed to michaelewen@gophersport.com.
  • Reference other resources/articles. (Gopher link preferred, but not required)