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Join us for a genuine conversation about the issues teachers face. Dr. Robert Pangrazi and monthly guest(s) share strategies, techniques and ideas that will help you thrive. Register for next month’s episode or view the recordings of previous episodes on the bottom of the page.

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How Social Media and Technology Can Improve Your PE Program and Instruction

Dr. Robert (Bob) Pangrazi

Dr. Robert Pangrazi


Guy Danhoff


Thomas Gelardi

Speakers: Dr. Robert Pangrazi, Guy Danhoff, Thomas Gelardi
 January 13, 2022
Time: 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm CST

Join our speakers for a PE Huddle that will bring a fresh look and perspective to our profession. Tom and Guy will discuss how social media and technology can improve your instruction, help you develop advocacy campaigns, and create videos that can serve as homework. Beyond the gym, social media and technology offer teachers a chance to learn from other teachers and share your best ideas. Join us as we offer ways to reach beyond “face to face” instruction in the gym. 

Guy Danhoff brings together a solid background in communications and marketing applied to professional organizations, community programs and university systems.  His skill in strategic planning based on digital and social media applications has helped professional organizations have a deep impact on their market and with members.  His detailed attention to analytics guides decision-making, allowing organizations to effectively track progress in meeting goals.

Thomas Gelardi has been teaching Physical Education for over 16 years at the Elementary level in NY. He attended Manhattan College and Graduated with a BS in Exercise Science and a Master’s Degree in Physical Education from Adelphi University. He presented numerous PE workshops at NYC Zone, Nassau Zone, and NYS, AHPERD conferences. He also presented PE workshops virtually all around the world including United States, England, Thailand, Turkey, and India. He created a YouTube channel called Coach Gelardi’s “PhysEdZone” to support all Elementary PE teachers and programs with over 4 million views as well as providing Tips for PE Teachers on “Coach Gelardi’s” TikTok account with over 25k followers. A father of two beautiful daughters and a son.

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Accepting the Challenges of Virtual Physical Education

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Recharge! Be Your Best Self During COVID-19

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PE during the Pandemic An Administrative Perspective

PE during the Pandemic: An Administrative Perspective

Different viewpoints are necessary as we move through the pandemic and begin hybrid and face-to-face schooling. Physical education is often on the perimeter of the area looking in at all the classroom teachers. Prepare to hear from two experienced supervisors of physical education as they share their thoughts and recommendations. This episode of The PE Huddle will cover going back to school, virtual physical education, challenges of leading physical education during times of crisis, and maintaining teacher morale.

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COVID 19 SEL and Back to School Trends in PE

The PE Huddle 14: COVID-19, SEL, and Back-to-School Trends in PE

It’s back-to-school time and COVID-19 is still impacting the flow of education. Teachers are dealing with different instructional models designed to educate in a safe environment. This PE Huddle will feature a national view of how schools across the country are focusing on the social and emotional needs of teachers, students, and parents as they cope with COVID.

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