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Join us for a genuine conversation about the issues teachers face. Dr. Robert Pangrazi and monthly guest(s) share strategies, techniques and ideas that will help you thrive. Register for next month’s episode or view the recordings of previous episodes on the bottom of the page.

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Effective Teaching Practices that Groom Students for Success


Dr. Robert Pangrazi


Alvin Mariteragi


Brian Hull

Speakers: Dr. Robert Pangrazi, Alvin Mariteragi, and Brian Hull
 May 11, 2023
Time: 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm CDT

Join the PE Huddle with two outstanding teachers who have had over 20 years of success. How they manage and teach students to reach their full potential will be discussed from many different angles. Both teachers have experience with students in many settings and have learned the fundamentals of “assuring students learn.” In addition, learn how they challenge themselves to improve and grow and maintain their desire to be the best teachers they can be.
Alvin Mariteragi has been an educator for 24 years in Hawaii.  His experiences in teaching have taken him from Pre K, Elementary, Middle School, High School, and to the University level.  Physical Education, Health Education, Adaptive PE, & Weight training are his main focus.  He is also the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach who trains and services all the athletic sports at Kahuku High School.  In the midst of this he still finds time to teach at Brigham Young University Hawaii as an adjunct faculty member.  He is a firm believer that managing students is the key to unlocking their potential to learn.  

Brian Hull taught secondary physical education for 10 years in Denver, Colorado (in Denver Public Schools). All of Brian’s experiences have been in high needs Title 1 schools. In 2018, Brian received the SHAPE Colorado High School Teacher of the Year award. Additionally, in 2020, Brian was named the SHAPE America National High School Teacher of the Year. In July 2021, Brian transitioned out of teaching and joined the SPARK and Gopher Sport teams. Brian firmly believes in the “education” aspect of physical education.

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Success in the Face of Challenge

All teachers know and understand the demands of teaching. Every day brings different challenges and students arrive with different issues. Beyond the rigors of working with students are the institutional challenges. Issues such as teaching spaces, class sizes, lack of substitutes, administrative demands, and equipment needs are often controlled by personnel outside of the PE setting. Join us on the next PE Huddle for a discussion with Aaron and Cherrelle about ways to succeed and stay motivated in spite of the adversity that comes with teaching.

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The PE Huddle: A Diverse Look at Critical Issues in Teaching​ | Ep. 21

Join us as we converse with three outstanding teachers who bring us a wide range of experiences and diversity. From New York to Minnesota to Arizona, these teachers have excelled in different environments. Critical issues for teachers such as equity, bullying, character building, and class management will drive this Huddle. Covid 19 and the impact it has had on the teaching process has changed the teaching profession. Will this be the end of virtual instruction now that schools are more open to face-to-face instruction? These issues and more will be discussed as we near the end of another challenging school year. Join us for an uplifting session that will make you think and reflect on your own personal strength and grit.

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Developing Activity Habits in Physical Education – The Process of Movement Matters!

Greg and Jordan place emphasis on teaching students “why” we do something in PE before we tell them “what” to do. Prepare for a Huddle that brings to life what many teachers talk about, but few do – motivate students to focus on the process of moving throughout their lifespan. Discussion will be centered on why physical activity is a habit that needs to be learned in the school setting and practiced throughout life. Traditional physical education has often focused on short term outcomes rather than monitoring the process of physical activity for all students.

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The Professional Development of Teachers

Join us as we chat about the qualities of effective physical education and health teachers. Connie Pangrazi has spent years recruiting and training new teachers in our profession. We will discuss teachers from many points of view including traits that are found in successful teachers; differences between elementary, middle, and high school teachers; why 1 out of 3 new teachers drop out of the profession at the end of three years; how salary impacts the quality of teachers who enter teaching; and how to support and help teachers who feel “burned out.”

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