What Are We Doing?

The goal is to “go live” on social media for a 30-60 minute window where sales reps are connecting with customers are sharing info about new product. We’ll equip you with ~5 new products as well as some other talking points related to content and programs (new Active@Home resources, HMM etc). 

How Will We Accomplish This?

We will be using the webcams on our computer to stream live to our audience. We an online streaming account that we will all share to help us do this:

Username: socialmedia@gophersport.com
Password: Gopher123!

A walkthrough of how to use the application will be available soon.

Distribution and Promotion

We will promote your “Live” session through email and social media. Restream will also record your video through YouTube and we’ll create a blog around the video and share it in our email digest.


Introduce yourself
Who’s here
Product 1
Ask a question
Product 2
Resources plug (marketing will provide this information)
Product 3
Ask a question
How to get it touch with you – everything operating the same
Sign off

Best Practices: