10 Halloween Tag Games to THRILL your Students!

1. Spider Web Scooter Tag: 


Create an intricate “spider web” with black ropes or yarn, intricately weaving a web throughout your gym area. Students ride on scooters and try to avoid touching the web while simultaneously attempting to tag their classmates. This thrilling game encourages strategy, teamwork, and agility as participants navigate the web’s intricate design, making it a perfect fit for physical education classes during the spooky season.

Include other obstacles as well including haunted houses (stand up tumbling mats), bridges (tumbling mats placed on cones), hurdles and other large obstacles!

2. Witch’s Broom Tag:

This game starts out with one player designated a witch, using a pool noodle as a broomstick. If a student is tagged, they also grab a pool noodle and become a witch (tagger). The game continues until every student is a witch.

This game encourages quick reflexes and strategic thinking as students try to avoid the witches. It becomes especially difficult as more and more witches need to be avoided as the game progresses!

3. Graveyard Tag (Shared by @PeMontgomery on Twitter)

In this Halloween favorite, when a ghost gets tagged, they must rest in their invisible grave for a brief moment. However, the game takes a spooky turn as a fellow ghost comes to their rescue by leaping over their “grave,” bringing them back into the haunting action.

4. Candy Corn Capture:


This fun tag game uses Gopher’s ACTION! StickIt Set. Students try to collect as many candy corn balls as possible by pulling them off of other student’s backs and placing them on their own. The player with the most pieces of candy corn at a set amount of time wins!

Alternative Play: Candy corn is not everyone’s favorite treat. If you get feedback from students that they don’t like it, change up the game play so students are giving away their candy corn by placing it on other student’s backs.

5. Haunted House Tag:

Designate certain areas as haunted houses by standing up tumbling mats throughout the gym. Students are safe when they are inside, but can only stay in the house for 5 seconds before a scary monster gets them.

Play for a designated amount of time and switch taggers each round.

6. Trick or Treat Tag:


In the exhilarating game of Trick or Treat Tag, students venture into the eerie trick-or-treat zone to snatch up Gopher’s GoRings candies and stack them on their hands. Students can only pick up one piece of candy at a time and must return home between trips. But beware, lurking in the shadows are mischievous ghosts wielding pool noodles, eager to tag unsuspecting candy collectors. If a student falls victim to a ghostly tag, they must surrender one precious candy. Once all the candy has been claimed, the tables turn, and students can snatch sweets from one another by tagging their fellow trick-or-treaters!

7. Zombie Tag (Shared by Marcus Nellems on PE Universe):

In Zombie Tag a small group of students are designated as Freezers, who have a coated-foam ball in their hands. If a student is tagged by a Freezer, they become a Zombie and must walk like a Zombie. They can return to the game only if they are tagged by an Unfreezer, student with a pool noodle. Play for a designated amount of time and switch roles each game!

8. Skeleton Flag Tag:

In the spooktacular game of Skeleton Flag Tag, students wear flag belts and embark on a bone-chilling adventure to collect as many bones as they can. Set a timer, and when the music stops, the player with the most “bones” in their possession reigns as the bone-collecting champion.

9. Witches Hat Tag (Shared by Justin Cahill on PE Universe):

Three evil witches are patrolling the forest on Halloween night. They want to prevent all the children of the land from trick-or-treating. The witches cast a spell on the children by turning them into witches’ helpers. The only hope for the kids is for at least one of them to survive being tagged by the witch. This breaks the spell and frees the children of the land.

  • Line up witch hats (cones) along the sideline (6 less cones than students)
  • 3 lead witches ride broomsticks (noodles) to tag
  • If tagged, pick up a witch hat from the sideline, hold on top of your head, and help the lead witches tag.
  • The hat must be held on the head in order to hold the power of the witch. If a player is tagged by a witch who is not wearing the hat, then the player does not become a witch.
  • Goal is to survive until all of the witch hats are gone.
  • The round ends when all hats are gone. There should be three players who survive. They will be the lead witches for the next round.

10. T-Rex Tag (Shared by Phillip Depa – @IrvingBerwynPE on Twitter):

This game looked too fun to not include in our list! In this game, Mr. Depa dressed up as a large dinosaur and played noodle tag with his students. Students tried to avoid getting tagged (or eaten) by the dinosaur.

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