10 Holiday PE Activity Ideas Shared on Social Media!

1. The Polar Express

Activity Idea by Christine Mason, originally posted on x.com

In this classic teamwork game called “The Polar Express,” kids work together like a team of train conductors passing Hula Hoops. They’re on a pretend trip to the North Pole, and the Hula Hoops are the magic link moving their imaginary train. It’s all about laughter and working together, building teamwork skills and creating cool memories of a shared adventure to the North Pole!

2. The Great Holiday Light Fight

Activity Idea by Drew Rutenbar, shared on x.com

Students must work together in a relay to roll the dice and “turn on” the corresponding light by setting up the corresponding rainbow colored cone. If the group rolls the same number again, they must turn the light off. The race is on, and the first team to get all the lights shining is the winner! It’s all about teamwork, dice rolling, and a bit of friendly competition.

3. Holiday Shapes (Holiday version of Shipwreck)

Activity Idea by Shannon Irwin, shared on PE Universe

Get ready for a festive warm-up! This holiday activity is awesome for students to practice listening and good social behavior. Remind students to be respectful of others as they move around and follow the cues. It’s all about spreading positive holiday vibes while warming up student’s muscles and practicing teamwork skills.

Here’s a list of the following commands:

Christmas Tree, Snowflake, Wreath, Reindeer, Elfs, Rudolph, Santa, Present, Snowball, Bow, Bell, Candy Cane, Mistletoe, Snowman, Snow Angel, Sleigh

View a video demonstration on PE Universe!

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4. Dreidel Cube Warm-Up

Activity Idea by @stefhaley80, shared on x.com

Use Gopher’s TossUp Dice to create a Dreidel Cube Warm-Up! Take a look at the video below to see which exercises are paired with the symbols on the dice dreidel! As students roll the dreidel (dice), they’ll learn more about the Jewish symbols while also moving their body with different exercises!

5. Holiday Spirit Tag

Activity Idea by Doyle Smith shared on PE Universe

Get ready for some festive fun with Holiday Spirit Tag! Players wearing blue pinnies rock a white ball, aiming to tag others and snatch their holiday spirit. Once tagged, hearts turn chilly, and they take a seat. But don’t worry! A player can warm them up by delivering a gift – like beanie babies or beanbags. It’s a cool game that teaches the joy of giving and receiving during the holiday season! Take a look at the video below for a full explanation of the rules.

View a video demonstration on PE Universe!

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6. Kwanzaa Relay (Light the Candle)

Activity Idea by Christine Mason, shared on x.com

Let’s dive into a Kwanzaa Relay! Students hustle to light a candle by dribbling a basketball down, placing a beanbag on a half cone, and dribbling back. The winning team? The first to light up their kinara! Quick note: the kinara has seven candles – three red on the left, three green on the right, and a black one in the middle. It’s a race to celebrate Kwanzaa with some dribbling and candle lighting!

7. Grinchmas

Activity Idea by Sam Bennett, shared on x.com

Get ready for Grinchmas, a holiday game full of throwing, catching, rolling, and teamwork! Teams score points by creating Christmas trees with giant buckets. How? Students must toss foam balls into big bins on each side to earn those buckets. Make a basket, grab two buckets from the Christmas tree village. Catch a ball, and you snag one bucket too! It’s a festive throwing and catching bonanza that your students are bound to love this year!

8. Decorating the Christmas Tree

Activity Idea by Drew Rutenbar, shared on x.com

One student from each team heads to the other side of the gym and works on their static balance while serving as the group’s Christmas tree. One at a time, partners run to the other side and choose either a pinnie, hula hoop, or beanbag to place on the tree. Players with the most piece of equipment on their tree, wins!

9. Hora Dance

Activity Idea by @NiecySnoop, shared on x.com

Get ready to groove into the holiday spirit! As Hanukkah kicks off on the 25th day of Kislev in the Hebrew calendar (around late November or early December), it’s time to introduce students to the lively Jewish circle dance, “the Hora.” Let the celebration begin with dance and joy, embracing the vibrant traditions of Hanukkah!

10. Scooter Relay, Elf Delivery

Activity Idea by Mike Graham, shared on x.com

In groups of three, students hop on scooters, zoom down to the other end to grab Christmas presents, and dash back to their workshop. The goal? Fill up their workshop bucket with as many presents as possible. When the time’s up, the group with the most presents in their workshop is the winning team. It’s a fast-paced holiday adventure that adds an extra dash of cheer to the season!

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