10 Quick & Easy Bean Bag Activities!

There was a recent poll put out on Twitter asking Physical Educators if they would rather choose Bean Bags or Hula Hoops. It was pretty close, but I do think Hula Hoops may have edged out Bean Bags. Needless to say, it would be safe to say that both are essential pieces of your equipment. Personally, I picked Bean Bags and I am here to share why and what you can do with this essential piece of equipment.

Why I Choose Bean Bags!

Bean bags come in several different fabric types as well as sizes and shapes. Bean bags are the perfect tool for working on both underhand and overhand toss. Bean bags can be used as a point system. Bean Bags can be used as a relay baton. Bean Bags can be used in fitness challenges. Bean Bags can be used as a tool to work on sports-related skills.

Types of Bean Bags

10 Quick & Easy Bean Bag Activities

1. Musical Pucks

Students in groups of 2-3 competing to control the puck (bean bag) with a hockey stick. When the music stops, the student with the puck chooses the exercise for their partner(s) to complete. Students will choose a new partner(s) at the signal. Each round lasts 2 to 3 minutes.

2. Chair Toss

One chair per team. Students underhand toss the bean bag. 1 point if it lands and stays on the chair. 2 points if it goes through the hole in the chair.

Activity idea by Kent Hamilton @MrHamiltonPE

3. Football Throw Partner Challenge

Complete make catches to earn a bean bag. Set a goal of 10 beanbags to earn a “WOW.” Students can pick their challenge level.

  • 5 catches
  • 5 catches in a row
  • 10 catches
  • 10 catches in a row

4. Bean Bag Blockers

Students are in groups of 4 and all start with a bean bag. Students will be in a plank position while removing any and all bean bags from their hula hoop. There are 3 different ways to play this game.

  1. Continuous play – play until the teacher gives the signal
  2. Once a player has 4 bean bags, the round is done.
  3. Team (two hoops vs two hoops)

Activity idea by Kelly Zerby @tall_kelly

5. Trick or Treat

Complete make catches to earn a bean bag. Set a goal of 10 beanbags to earn a “WOW.” Students can pick their challenge level.

  • 5 catches
  • 5 catches in a row
  • 10 catches
  • 10 catches in a row

6. Make it! Take it!

Students will slide a bean bag underhand on the ground. If their bean bag hits a stuffie, polyspot, hula hoop, take it to your team’s basket.

Activity idea by Mrs. Kaci Nash @mrsnashPE

7. Bozo Toss

Students are working on underhand throw. They will attempt to make it into the first target, then move to next hoop if successful.

Activity idea by Joe Burch @PEforlife

8. Bean Bag Golf

Students in small groups will work to get their bean bag into the golf hole (target). Groups carry a scorecard and keep track of their score. The student with the fewest underhand tosses wins.

Activity idea by Mike Graham @pe4everykid

9. Mouse Trap

Each student tries to slide a beanbag (mouse) past their partner. Their partner uses the cup to trap the mouse.

10. Cone Hole

Students underhand throw to land bean bag in cone or hoop. If their beanbag lands inside the cone, students take 3 points from the opposite teams bucket. If a beanbag lands inside the hoop, take 1 point from the opposite teams bucket. Team with the most points at the end wins.

Activity idea by Charla T Krahnke @ncpe4life

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