11 Exciting Activities to Develop Floor Hockey Skills (Video)

Hockey safety & stick control key points:

  • Blade always below knees
  • Non-dominate hand on top of the stick
  • Dominant hand at the bottom of sticker for passing/shooting (hand higher up for dribbling/stick control)
  • Fingers wrapped around the stick
  • Bent knees
  • Straight back.

11 Floor Hockey Activities

1. Hockey Safety & Walk the Dog

Encourage students to progress from walking to running speed while moving to open space in playing area.
Freeze = passing/shooting position
Sweep = pretend to pass/shoot and continue moving to open space

2. Stickhandling/Dribbling

Dominant hand halfway down the stick, use both sides of the stick to move the puck.

Dribble = move the puck to open space around the playing area
Shoot = shoot the puck to one of the walls (15 jumping jacks if your shot hits another student)

After the shot, get your puck and begin dribbling toward open space. Shoot at a different
wall each time.

3. Partner Passing

Work on passing form and trapping puck, change distances and partners.

4. Stick-handling & Shooting Partner Challenge

Dribble to the center line and shoot between partner’s shoes.

  • Emphasize: hustle back after taking the shot and getting shoes wide for the goal.
  • Best to have students work together for the highest score, not compete with partner.Video Link: Partner Passing and Stick handling & Shooting Partner Challenge

5. 3 Pin Face Off

6. Partner Pin Down Challenge

7. Partner Lead Pass Pin Down Drill

8. Partner Give-&-Go Pin Down Drill

9. Shooter vs. Goalie Partner Challenge

Goals are made using 2 cones about 5 feet wide.
Partners take turns taking 5 shots on goal while one plays goalie.

10. Partner Center Pin Challenge (Tree Chopping Challenge)

11. Hungry Hungry Hockey

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