4 Hula Hoop Activities for Team Building in PE!

1. Hula Hoop Blob Tag

Two students are chosen to be the 1st “BLOB.” They will hold a hula hoop with one hand and a noodle in the other hand. On the “GO” signal, the “BLOB” will travel around the gym chasing the other students. When a student is tagged, they join the “BLOB.” When the “BLOB” reaches 4 students, two students leave the “BLOB” and become a new “BLOB” by grabbing their own hula hoop and tagging noodles.

2. “Hidden Turkeys” and Hula Hoop Ring Toss

I used “Hidden Turkeys” near Thanksgiving, but the concept of rolling out a hula hoop to find and collect _______ has worked on other occasions. I have had students rolling out Hula Hoops to find fish, different valued points, matching the color spots to a posted fitness challenge, and/or a race to collect all sorts of objects spread out around the gym floor.

3. “Crossing the Pond”

In this cooperative activity, a team of 3 or 4 students travels across a “POND” that is marked off with cones using Hula Hoops. Each group is given 3 hula hoops. The students lay the hula hoops on the ground, step into them, pick up and move them as they travel across the pond. No more than two students in a hula hoop at a time. This can be done as a whole group race or a relay to collect objects and bring them back to their starting spot.

4. Hula Hoop Partner Walk

I have students in squads. Two students at a time use a hula hoop and two jump ropes to travel to the end of the gym and back. Each student holds one handle of each jump rope and attempts to carry the hula hoop. If the hula hoop drops, they work to pick it back up while only using the jump ropes. When they return, the next set of students go. If there is an odd number in your squad, one student can go a second time.

Bonus: For more, check out how these fellow Physical Educators showcasing Team/Community Building while using Hula Hoops

1. Christina Fuller @TheCoachFuller

2. Coach Donchev @eatplants2move

3. Round Hill PE @RHEPE1

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  1. I could see my students really enjoying this activity in my PE classes. I think it is a great exercise and all around activity that forces students to participate but would not mind either way because it is fun!

  2. Amazing hula hoop activities designed for team-building in physical education settings, likely promoting fun and engaging ways to enhance teamwork. Can you share one of the hula hoop activities and how it contributes to building teamwork skills in a physical education setting?

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