4 Must-Have Safety Tools for In-School PE

If your students are heading back to your school building this fall, here are 4 must-have tools to help you encourage and promote physical distancing in physical education. You’ll also want to make sure you’ve read through and familiarized yourself with SHAPE America’s School Reentry Considerations.

1.    Sanitation Supplies

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For Equipment:
If students will share equipment, ensure it is properly cleaned and sanitized between use. First, equipment should be cleaned with soap and water and then sanitized using an EPA-approved disinfectant like these FORCE2 Disinfectant Wipes or the SaniSpray Disinfectant Sprayer. If you’re looking for individual equipment packs, My PE Pack offers several options, complete with an individual drawstring bag that makes storage and separation a breeze.

For Students and Staff:
Students should wash and/or sanitize their hands upon entering and exiting their PE space. Place a sanitizer station at the entrance/exit of your space to make disinfecting easy, or utilize a bottle of gel sanitizer.

2.    Masks

It is recommended that all staff wear face coverings, such as masks, and students (particularly older students) are also encouraged to do so, especially in times why physical distancing is difficult.

For SHAPE America’s recommendations on face coverings, see page 14 of the Reenter Considerations.

3.    Floor Tape, Poly Spots, or Cones

SHAPE America’s reentry considerations recommend students and staff maintain a physical distance of 6’ apart during PE. To keep you and your students safe, create individual activity spaces (with 6’ between) using floor tape.

Directional spots, floor tape, and cones can also be used to help students maintain physical distancing as they move between the gymnasium and their classrooms.

View all floor markers, cones, and poly spots >>

4.    PE Healthy Habits Banner

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Hang this large poster in your gymnasium or space to make students aware of the rules that will keep them safe. From washing hands to social distancing to proper cleaning of equipment, this poster lays positive ground rules for safe and effective physical activity. Shop the poster here >>

In addition to the items listed above, here are a few other items that can help you and your students stay safe in physical education.

  1. Water Bottles: It is recommended that water fountains be cleaned and sanitized frequently or that students (and staff) use their own water bottles.
  2. Forehead Thermometers: If part of your school’s reentry plan includes temperature checks, forehead thermometers are a great option.
  3. Sneeze Guards: Create a barrier between athletes in your fitness facility with sneeze guards. Use the freestanding option for easy setup or mount them to power rack uprights with mounting tape.

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  1. Healthy habits for the students should be adopted to keep them protected in this era of COVID-19 and social distancing. Masks and sanitation supplies have considered as the most prominent things at this time. Get assured that your child follows all safety measures to be safe and protected.

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