5 Great Secondary Lesson Plans from Dynamic PE ASAP!

Badminton: Smash Your Way to Success


This engaging 3-week badminton unit covers a wide range of exciting objectives designed to improve student’s skills, teamwork, and agility. From introductory activities such as juggling scarves to participating in thrilling closing games like “All Aboard” and “Snowball Relay”, students will showcase their agility, speed, and cooperation.

This badminton unit also focuses on essential techniques, including executing forehand and backhand groundstrokes with proper form, mastering shots like the forehand clear, net drop, and serve, and engaging in exciting rallies. Students will also dive into the rules of the game, practice different shots on the court, and even participate in friendly tournaments. With a comprehensive knowledge exam and skills test to wrap it all up, this badminton unit offers a truly immersive and exciting experience that will leave your students hooked!

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Flag Football Frenzy


This engaging 2-week Flag Football unit offers a wide range of thrilling activities and skill-building exercises that will leave you eager to jump into the game. Students start with energizing introductory activities, where they’ll run, change directions, pivot, and assume various poses while evading other students. Cooperation is key as they participate in high-energy games like High Five’s, Fastest Tag Ever, Triangle Tag, and Hospital Tag.

But it’s not just about having fun – this unit also focuses on improving student fitness through dynamic activities like Continuity Exercises, Parachute Fitness, Partner Racetrack Fitness, Challenge Courses, Circuit, and Aerobic Workouts.

In the lesson focus portion of the class, students work on passing, catching, stances, hand-offs, blocking, and punting skills, mastering the essentials of flag football. With offensive and defensive plays, as well as an exciting flag football tournament, this unit is sure to bring out the competitive spirit in everyone. Don’t miss out on this thrilling badminton unit that will have students ready to conquer the field!

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Embrace the Lacrosse Spirit


This immersive lacrosse unit will introduce and ignite your student’s passion for the sport! Over the course of two weeks, they’ll dive into a series of engaging objectives designed to develop their skills and understanding of the game.

From mastering the art of cradling, throwing, and catching ground balls while on the run to perfecting shooting techniques, this unit will have students confident and skilled in no time. They’ll learn to switch hands while jogging with the lacrosse stick, scoop and cradle the ball with finesse, and execute accurate passes to running players or targets. With an emphasis on both dominant and non-dominant hand proficiency, students will expand their capabilities on the field. The unit also covers crucial aspects of the game, including defending, goaltending stances, recognizing offensive player positioning, and effective communication with teammates. By the end, students will not only showcase their lacrosse skills but also demonstrate their understanding of the rules through a comprehensive test. Get ready to immerse your students in this captivating lacrosse unit where every lesson brings them closer to becoming a true lacrosse champion!

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Team Handball: Skills, Strategy, and Thrilling Competition


Throughout this Team Handball unit, students will explore a variety of objectives designed to enhance their skills and teamwork. From participating in activities like Mass Stand Up, Hoops on the Ground, and Running High Fives, students will showcase their agility, sportsmanship, and respect for their classmates. To improve their overall fitness, they’ll engage in dynamic circuit training, Jump and Jog, Hexagon Hustle, and Parachute Fitness exercises.

Team Handball focuses on developing dribbling skills and mastering a wide range of passes, including chest, bounce, overhead, one-handed shoulder/baseball, side arm, hand-off, roller, hook, jump, and behind-the-back passes. They’ll also learn various goal shooting techniques such as jump shots, dive shots, lob shots, penalty shots, and behind-the-back shots.

Through cooperative gameplay and good sportsmanship, they’ll participate in thrilling games while demonstrating their skills and knowledge of the rules. Finally, a skills test will assess their abilities based on the techniques taught during the unit. Get ready to embrace the excitement of Team Handball and become a true player of the game!

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Volleyball: Dig, Set, Spike!


Get ready to dig, set, and spike your way into this engaging Volleyball unit where students will develop teamwork, coordination, and fitness through a variety of lessons. Students will refine their hand-eye coordination with beanbag throws and catches, enhance their agility and reaction time in the “Weave Drill”, and showcase their creativity in the “Follow the Leader” activity.

As students delve into volleyball-specific skills, they’ll learn proper techniques for hitting against the wall, setting, serving, and passing. Communication is key as students practice calling for the ball and coordinating with teammates. Through various evaluation activities, task sheets, and gameplay, students will have ample opportunities to improve and demonstrate their volleyball prowess. The unit culminates in a thrilling tournament where skills will be put to the test. Students will also showcase their knowledge of volleyball rules and terminology through a written exam. Get ready for an action-packed Volleyball unit that will leave students craving more serves, spikes, and blocks, all while immersing themselves in the dynamic world of this beloved sport!

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