5 Rock, Paper, Scissor PE Games for the WIN! [Video]

Did you know that all of our lives’ problems can solved with a good ol’ Rock, Paper, Scissors? Have you seen the video that went viral about the two people fighting over a parking spot? You know the one that got 1.99M views and over 1,500 retweets! The video made me smile when it came across my feed. However, if that were me in the video, we’d have a whole other argument because I feel strongly that you shoot on 4, not 3. It’s “Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOOT!”

No seriously, almost any problem that arises in our PE Class can be solved with Rock Paper Scissors!

  • Two students struggling over being first in line? Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  • Two students fighting over the last spot in the group? Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  • Two students arguing about who gets the purple hoop? Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Winner takes all and be done. We don’t have time for best out of 3, then you lose that and switch it to best out of 5. Yeah, I have some smart students! The culture I foster in our gym is “you win some, you lose some”, and it really isn’t worth getting all fussy and delaying our PE time any further.

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There are so many PE activities using Rock, Paper, Scissors that I thought I would share a few of ones we play in our gym. From instant activities to get our students moving without any equipment to a more elaborate set up that I know will get your students to smile and have FUN!

1. BODY Rock, Paper, Scissors

This is an instant activity and easy warm-up my students love! Don’t think you can get your heart pumping with Rock, Paper, Scissors? Wrong. Check out this video!

RPS Image1

2. Rock, Paper, Scissors, GO!

Here is another instant activity without any set up to get your students moving as soon as they get through the door!

RPSBlog 2

3. PYRAMID Rock, Paper, Scissors

Use a couple of hoops or poly spots and you have yourself a pyramid. My students love the challenge and are so excited when they make their way up the pyramid to the top.

Pyramid New

4. Rock, Paper, Scissors Football

All you need is a football, but we actually use rubber critters instead. There is something about those rubber animals that makes gym class more fun and squeaky.

Football New

5. Rock, Paper, Scissors Showdown

Alright, this setup is elaborate, but it is worth it! This next activity is a spin off of a video that went viral. I know I was tagged at least 100 times in this particular video. I thought to myself, but how can it be better and work for my PE classes? How can I maximize activity time? I am sure many other solid and creative PE Teachers thought the same.

Rock, Paper, Scissors games are definitely a crowd favorite in our gym. What Rock, Paper, Scissors games do you play in your gym? I am very curious if you shoot on 3 or do you shoot on 4?

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