6 Fitness Slider Exercises Every Athlete Needs

If I could give just one tool that develops strength, movement control, stability, and flexibility all at the same time, it would be fitness sliders!

Why Do I Like Fitness Sliders So Much?

  1. Fitness sliders are extremely portable and you can take travel with them.  They can even fit in a laptop bag.
  2. Fitness sliders require a very small footprint to use.  You only need a length based on what your “overhead reach” is and a width based on half your arm span.
  3. You can use them for large groups.
  4. Fitness sliders exercises are great for movement prep, great for a workout all by themselves, or can serve as a finisher at the end of the workout. 
  5. Fitness slider exercises are great tools for rehab and prehab.
  6. All fitness slider exercises incorporate the core.
  7. As stated earlier, fitness exercise develops strength, movement control, stability, and flexibility at the same time.

The Super 6 SlidePro Exercises

Perform these in the suggested order.

A1. Plank slider L’s
A2. Reverse lunges with sliders
A3. Push-up  slider reaches
A4. Lateral lunges with sliders
A5. Bridge and leg curl with sliders
A6. Plank walks with sliders

A1. Plank Slider L’S

Plank Slider L’s can be used as movement prep for upper body training.  This exercise helps create dynamic shoulder stabilization by firing up the entire rotator cuff and scapular stabilizers.   This exercise can be both an activator of the core as well as a developer of core strength.  When performing this exercise, be sure and keep a stiff plank as you reach.  First reach forwards, then bring your hand back under your shoulder, then reach laterally.  Only reach as far as you can control.  Repeat to the other side.  Suggested reps are 15-25 reps for each arm with multiple sets for a workout.  For movement prep 5-10 reps per side.

A2. Reverse Lunges with Sliders

Reverse lunges with sliders are one of the best movement prep exercises available for lower body training.  This exercise dynamically stretches the hip flexors and quads while warming up the knee joint.  The entire gluteal complex will become activated as well.  To perform this exercise, first be sure and strap your toes in.  Keep a stiff and tall core, almost leaning back as you begin your reverse lunge.  Be sure and perform the eccentric motion slowly.  This will help groove the lunge pattern. 

Suggested reps are 8-15 reps for each leg with multiple sets for a workout.  For movement prep 5-8 reps per side.

A3. Push-up with Slider Reaches

Push-up with slider reaches develop range of motion in the shoulder, increase strength of the horizontal push pattern, and is also an excellent progression towards single arm push-ups.  The anterior core is heavily recruited during this exercise.  To perform this exercise, keep your core very stiff as you slowly slide forward with one arm while performing a single arm push-up with the other.  Return to the start position and alternate arms.  Suggested reps are 6-12 reps for each arm with multiple sets for a workout.  For movement prep 4-8 reps per side.

A4. Lateral Lunges with Sliders

Lateral lunges with sliders, warms-up and increases the flexibility of the groin making this an excellent movement prep for lower body training.  This exercise also strengthens the groin, quads, and gluteal chain.  To perform this exercise, be sure to strap your foot in.  Stand tall and slowly push your leg out laterally as you bend your opposite knee into a lunge pattern. Suggested reps are 8-15 reps for each leg with multiple sets for a workout.  For movement prep 5-8 reps per side.

A5. Bridge and Leg Curl with Sliders

This exercise activates and strengthens the posterior chain.  To perform this exercise, strap in the heels of your feet.  Slowly curl your heels back as you go into a bridge position.  Squeeze your glutes at the top.  Suggested reps are 8-12 reps for multiple sets for a workout.  For movement prep 5-8 reps.

A6. Plank Walks with Sliders

One of the most challenging exercises you can do are plank walks.  If you have at least 10 yards to work with, you can do this exercise.  The main target of this exercise is the anterior core.  Added benefits is scapular stabilization, and increased wrist mobility.  To perform this exercise, hook your toes and go down into a plank.  Crawl forwards using your hands and keeping your feet and body in a straight line.  Be sure not to buckle in the spine.  Suggested distance is 30-60 yards for multiple sets for a workout.  For movement prep 10-30 yards.

SlidePro Fitness Sliders

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All sliders are not created equal.  By far the best slider I have ever used is the SlidePro Fitness Slider.

What I love about this slider is:

  • It will fit any size shoe. Most sliders don’t accommodate larger than average size shoes
  • You can strap them to your feet.  I can’t tell you how many exercises with traditional sliders where the slider slides off of the foot.  That won’t happen with the SlidePro Fitness slider!  Additionally, the strap works perfect to hook your heel for bridging and curling exercises.
  • Durability:  These are the most durable sliders on the market.

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