7 Drills and Games for Soccer Success! (Video)

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world played by over 200 countries. It is a great aerobic and anaerobic activity that students love to play! Below are seven free soccer activity videos that you can try with your students to develop skills and maximize activity.

1. Kicking, Passing, Receiving Drill

This activity video shows an effective way to teach kicking, passing, and receiving.

2. 10 Second Surfer Dude

In 10-Second Surfer Dude students work with a partner. Surfers have the ball and try to shield their balls from their partners for 10 seconds.

Ball handlers should get into the surfer position. Encourage them to bend their knees, get their feet wide and keep their arms out. After the instructor says go, students will have to keep the ball away from the partner by using their body to shield the ball from the defender.

Soccer Equipment Essentials

3. Yo-Yo Relay

Yo-Yo Relay is a relay race. You’ll need to be fast, but you’ll also have to stay in control of the ball. The first team to finish the relay wins!

Each team stands behind a cone at one end of the field and there are six flat cones in your team’s lane and a regular cone at the end. The first player in each line dribbles the ball to the first cone, leaves the ball there and runs to the last orange cone. They circle the cone and run back to where they left the ball. Once they get to their ball, they dribble it back down the lane to the next person in line.

The second player in line dribbles to the second cone, leaves the ball there, runs to the last cone and back to the ball, and dribbles it back to their team. The next player dribbles to the third cone and so on… Remind students to keep the ball close to their feet and in front of them so they don’t lose control while dribbling. When players are finished with their run, they can take a knee.

4. Go For It – One on One

In Go for It: One-on-One, the object of the game is to receive a passed ball in the field, gain control, shield the ball from their opponent and dribble down the field to shoot a goal.

5. Sharks and Minnows

Sharks and Minnows is a game that will help students with their ball control, dribbling, and shielding skills. The two sharks in the middle try to steal the balls from the minnows by kicking it out of play. The minnows try to dribble their balls across the field without getting their balls stolen by the sharks. Ball control is key here! If a minnow’s ball is stolen, they become a shark.

6. Try to Score – Three on Three

In Try to Score: Three-on-Three students will play in teams of three. The offensive players have ten seconds to try to score a goal while defensive players try to prevent them from scoring.

The three defensive players will start in front of the goal. At the opposite end of the field are three cones for the lines of offensive players. When the instructor says “go,” the offensive players start with the ball and pass the ball back in forth down the field and try to score within ten seconds. Defenders will try to get the ball away from the offensive players and kick the ball out. When a goal is scored, the defensive team kicks the ball out, or time is up, the defensive players go around the field and go into the offensive player lines. The offensive players become defensive players.

7. Ultimate Soccer

Ultimate Soccer is a regular soccer game with a few twists. The big difference is that shooters get some extra space around them when trying to shoot a goal. Also, goals can only be scored when they are passed into and received by a teammate in the goal area. Goals cannot be kicked in.

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