8 Factors to Consider Before Selecting Scooters for your PE Class

When selecting scooters for your Phys Ed class, several crucial factors should be considered to enhance safety, durability, and engagement with your students! Here’s a list of 8 ideas to consider while you think about which scooters would be the best fit for your PE program!

1. Speed and stability:

Select a scooter with a strong build and wide base, promoting stability minimizes the likelihood students will tip over. A sturdy scooter not only ensures safer play but also allows for enhanced maneuverability, providing a well-rounded and secure experience for your PE class.

Best anti-tip scooter: Stabilis Anti-Tip Scooter

2. Invest in a scooter that’s built to last:

When investing in class sets of scooters, prioritize longevity to ensure they withstand the wear and tear of daily use and collisions. Choose scooters that stand the test of time, providing a lasting and reliable asset for your physical education program.

Strongest and most durable scooter: SST Scooter

3. Protect fingers with proper handles:


When selecting scooters for your physical education program, opt for scooters equipped with sturdy handles designed to withstand collisions. Look for large handles that provide a secure grip and, for added safety, consider those with protective enclosures to safeguard students’ hands during play.

Safest scooter: SST Scooter

4. Accommodate all students with a large base:

Tailor your scooter choice to your class activities—Gopher’s Ultimate Scooter can accommodate multiple students and students of all ages and body sizes. A smaller scooter base will only work with one student and is designed for a more personal experience. Consider the diversity of your curriculum and students when selecting scooters to enhance engagement and inclusivity.

Scooter with the Widest Base: Gopher’s Ultimate Scooter

5. Eliminate floor markings with the right wheels:

Protect your gym floor by choosing scooters with wheels designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Opt for wheels that glide smoothly without causing damage to the floor, ensuring a versatile and floor-friendly option that can withstand various playing surfaces. Many teachers favor the inline skating wheels because they are safe on gym floors and provide very fast and fluid ride indoors and out.

Inline skating wheels are safe on gym floors and provide a fast and fluid ride indoors and out.
Office chair scooter wheels may scratch your gym floor or leave behind marks.

Scooters with inline skating wheel options: SST Scooter, Ultimate Scooter, Stabilis Anti-Tip Scooter, SteadFast Scooter Boards

6. Price Point:

Navigate budget constraints without compromising on quality by considering Gopher’s SteadFast scooter. This economical yet high-quality solution ensures that your PE program gets durable and reliable scooters.

Most economical scooter solution: SteadFast Scooter Boards

7. Versatility

Elevate your PE program with Gopher’s Ultimate Scooter, equipped with innovative attachments that broaden scooter gameplay possibilities. From scooter basketball, to flag tag or scooter goals, these versatile attachments engage students and offer a range of exciting activities beyond traditional scooter use.

Scooter with the most gameplay options: Gopher’s Ultimate Scooter


8. Scooter Storage:

Scooters can take up a lot of space if not stored correctly. Be sure to budget for scooter storage! Gopher has two scooter storage options that work perfectly for the scooters previously shared in this blog.

Commuter Storage Carts: Stack, store, and roll scooters on heavy-duty storage carts wherever they are needed!

Magnus Scooter Storage Cart: Cart holds up to 48 handled scooters of various sizes.


If you have any additional factors we didn’t mention in this blog or if you have experience using any of the scooters mentioned in this email, share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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