Actively Review Content with Bingo! [Interactive]

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[0:02] I’m always looking for new ways to actively review content knowledge with my students and I’ll share with you today A favorite one of mine that I learned from another teacher of the year friend of mine at a PE conference.

[0:33] In years past, I have been using a tic tac toe style grid to review content knowledge with students. This is a three by three grid and in each box I had a review question at or an activity that the student needed to complete.

Bingo is a great way to actively review content material

[0:48] What I learned while attending a PE conference is how a teacher had been using a bingo-style card to get in more questions and then they also layered in interactions with other students. This really checked all the boxes for me as I want to actively review content knowledge, and I also want students to be able to interact with each other and have that connection and build those relationships.

[1:12] So I took this bingo-style card and I adapted it to meet the needs of my students and to incorporate in the content knowledge that I was needing to review. I layered in the health-related fitness components and the FIT principal review questions that I wanted to use with my students. And in each of the grid boxes, I had an activity that the student needed to complete with a partner. So the activity worked like this.

How does this look with students?

[1:39] Each student would get their own bingo card and they would pick a box. They would find a partner and then they would write down that partner’s name and then they would do the physical activity challenge, whether it was partner playing high fives, jogging around one lap around the plane space, attempting five free throws. Whatever the physical activity was, they would enjoy that and try it out together and then they would answer the content review question such as define cardiorespiratory endurance, or what does the F stand for in the FIT principle. And then they write down their answer on their own activity card. They would then thank each other and then they would go find a new partner.

Encourage students to rotate partners

[2:20] You could have a, find a new partner location such as in the center of your plane and activity space so that they know where to go to find someone new or they put their hands up as they look around and go to the center and then find someone new. All in all this is a great activity. The students meet new people, they review names, they do partner challenges together and then they try and answer review questions.

Review all content knowledge as a large group

[2:46] Give the students enough time to work through that activity card and then bring them together at the end to review that content knowledge. It’s a really engaging activity again you get to walk around visit with students, see what they remember, encourage them to connect with each other. How do we ask for names again? How do we review names? How do we work together as a team? And it’s a win win for everybody.

[3:08] You can even see an example of this in the show notes or on the blog. Thanks for listening, everybody. Thanks for teaching and I wish you a wonderful day. 

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