Author: Yasmeen Taji-Farouki

Yasmeen Taji-Farouki is senior manager of Community Initiatives and Social Impact at SHAPE America. She is also the program lead for SHAPE America’s health. moves. minds. program, the new service-learning program that raises funds for schools and teaches students how to thrive physically and emotionally! She can be reached at Twitter: @ytaji_farouki

A Kickoff to Random Acts of Kindness Week​ [Interactive]

Hi everyone, happy Random Acts of Kindness Week. On today’s PE Express podcast, I’ll share my thoughts on why implementing lessons around kindness and mindfulness in the middle of a growing mental-health crisis and pandemic is more important than ever and share some new resource is from the health. moves. minds. program that could be used during random acts of kindness week or anytime during the year.

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