How to Play Badminton – Serving and Scoring Tips [Instructional Videos]

Badminton is a very popular PE unit. It is great for practicing teamwork, eye-hand coordination and strategy! Badminton is also an easy game for students to learn and find success in. The videos below offer instruction on how to play badminton including how to serve, score, and gameplay for singles and doubles.

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The Serve

There are two ways to serve in badminton, either the traditional high serve or the short backhand serve. Both serves must follow these rules:

  • The server must make contact with the cork.
  • Both feet must be on the ground during the entire serve.
  • The racket shaft and head must be angled downward and must be below the server’s waist while making contact.
  • And the racquet must continue in a forward motion after you serve.

The serve must be land cross court and in the service box, past the short service line. If the shuttle fails to make it over the net or lands outside of the service box, the server loses the point.

Badminton Singles Rules

In Badminton singles, games are played up to 21 points. The winning team must win by 2 points with sudden death at 29-29. Players can score points off of every point no matter who is serving. This is commonly known as rally scoring. A player’s score determines which side they serve on. All even points should be served on the right side and all odd points should be served on the left. Play continues until one person reaches 21 points and wins by 2. Players must win 2 out of 3 games to win the match. Whoever wins the game, starts serving first the following game.

Badminton Doubles Rules and Scoring

In Doubles all of the basic serving and gameplay rules apply. However, there are slight variations. The court is now larger. The doubles sideline and baseline are now in play. During the serve, the doubles sideline is in play, but the doubles baseline is still out. Players serve until their team loses the point. Possession changes and the opponent serves. If the blue team was playing the red team, serving would rotate as Blue 1, Red 1, Blue 2, Red 2, Blue 1 ect.

When a team’s score is an even number they will start serving on the right side. When it’s an odd number score, they will serve on the left. Players continue playing until one team reaches 21 points. The winning team must win by 2 points with sudden death at 29-29. Teams must win 2 out of 3 games to win the match. Whoever wins the game, serves first the following game.

If you have any tips for teaching Badminton in Phys Ed, please leave them in the comments below.

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  1. Hey Gopher!

    I believe this is an easy game when starts then everything become so hard!
    For good PE badminton content, BWF (Badminton World Federation) has its program for PE teachers, called Shuttle Time. Here`s the link: during the pandemic, they made the course free online.
    The other part is the mindset, to be able to control situations, feelings on and off the court. For good content here`s a blog:

  2. Hey Gopher!

    Thanks for this amazing info, I hope this will help me a lot to improve my game. Keep up the good work.

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