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Looking for a new way to organize lessons and classes? Need help wading through the countless online apps and other resources for PE teachers to find the best option for your students? Teachers just like you share their PE teaching tips to create excitement during class, keep it all organized, and introduce new and exciting activities!

We’re Back! Creating a Positive Learning Environment [Interactive]

I just want to take a few minutes and talk about how to create a learning environment, and I’m not talking about classroom management. I’ve done other blogs and other podcasts that you can find on Gopher’s website, but I just want to make two quick points. The points I want to talk about is getting to know your students and how to do that, and establishing your rules and class values, and how to do that.

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5 Must-Have PE Equipment for Middle School

Assuming most PE programs already have basic sports equipment, there are several items that can greatly enhance any middle school PE program. If I had to pick my 5 Must-Haves in Middle School PE equipment today, my list would include:

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What is Physical Education? [Interactive]

0.75x 1x 1.25x 1.5x 2x 0:00… What is Physical Education? [Interactive] Subscribe on Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsPlayer EmbedShare Leave a ReviewListen in a New WindowDownloadSoundCloudStitcherSubscribe on

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How to Become a PE Presenter [Interactive]

Welcome to the PE Express podcast. Today I would like to share a little advice on providing professional development. The other day someone asked me, how did you get started providing professional development? It’s a crazy story that just started with kindness. I was attending one of my first state conventions in Texas.

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