Daily #ActiveHomeChallenge

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Active Home Challenges! We hope you learned a few new skills and had fun! We have finished posting challenges for now, but hope to continue when students go back to school in the fall!

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Friday, June 5th

Thursday, June 4th

Wednesday, June 3rd

Tuesday, June 2nd

Monday, June 1st

Friday, May 29th

Thursday, May 28th

Wednesday, May 27th

Tuesday, May 26th

Friday, May 22nd

Thursday, May 21st

Wednesday, May 20th

Tuesday, May 19th

Monday, May 18th

Friday, May 15th

Thursday, May 14th

Wednesday, May 13th

Tuesday, May 12th

Monday, May 11th

Friday, May 8th

Thursday, May 7th

Wednesday, May 6th

Tuesday, May 5th

Monday, May 4th

Friday, May 1st

Thursday, April 30th

Wednesday, April 29th

Tuesday, April 28th

Monday, April 27th

Friday, April 24th

Thursday, April 23rd

Wednesday, April 22nd

Tuesday, April 21st

Monday, April 20th

Friday, April 17th

Thursday, April 16th

Wednesday, April 15th

Tuesday, April 14th

Monday, April 13th

Friday, April 10th


Thursday, April 9th

Wednesday, April 8th

Tuesday, April 7th

Monday, April 6th

Friday, April 3rd

Thursday, April 2nd

April Fools Challenge!

Wednesday, April 1st

Tuesday, March 31st

Monday, March 30th

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  1. These are great, and I will share with my 300 elementary students who are home, most likely for the rest of the year. Thanks for the ideas, from one Phy. Ed. Teacher to another.

  2. Stop, Stop!!!! I started breathing harder just to watch. No really, that was terrific! The kids will love this challenge. Thank You.

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