Did You Make a PE New Year’s Resolution?

We recently ushered last year out of the gym, and I’m sure many of you prepared a Health or PE New Year’s Resolution to do something great in your classes. Maybe you have two or three resolutions you’re using to improve your program and help your students reach new personal fitness goals? Or perhaps you decided to make a leap and try a brand new lesson? Whatever it is, I encourage you to go for it! And on top of that share with as many people as you can, you never know your resolution could go viral!

Here are a couple of my New Year’s resolutions for next year:

1. Attend a health and P.E. conference or convention

I want to give myself the opportunity to find new ideas and talk with other fantastic health and physical education teachers. As health and physical educators, we all have several great lesson ideas or activities that our students experience success and gain knowledge; so, we all need to find time to get to a conference or convention and share our successes with others! Building a community for the greater good is one way we can all make a difference!

2. Share at least 1 new fitness activity with my students

My goal here is to find an activity that might get more students physically active every day. It may be that I try PiYo® for my yoga loving students or Zumba® for those that might like fitness-based, high-energy dance. I could also look to add suspension training with a TRX® trainer set. My hope is that the more types of physical activity that I can expose my students to, the better chance that I hit something they may enjoy and continue to do throughout their lives!

3. Start a school-wide fitness initiative

My last PE New Year’s resolution for the upcoming year is a big one and I will try my best to make it come to fruition. I would like to start a school-wide fitness initiative to get not just my students, but all of the teachers and school personnel physically active on a daily basis. This may be done through monthly themes or contests in an effort to jumpstart the campaign. It may not happen until the start of the next school year and culminate with a 5k fun run or color run at the conclusion of next school year, but this is something that I feel will bring the students and staff together for one common goal of getting healthier and more fit!

I would love to hear your resolutions and I encourage you to try something new! And if you are looking for ideas, please search through the amazing blog posts on this site and see what you can make work in your class!

May next year be a GREAT year for you all!

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