Hop on This New Twist to Traditional Flag Games!

Recently, I had the opportunity to review Gopher’s ACTION Drag’N Tails belts and my students loved them! Rather than traditional flag belts that students would grab with their hands, these belts are long enough so students can step on them!

dragontails 01 elem 1

I’ve included some of my honest opinions on the Drag’N Tails belts below and also added two activity ideas that my students really enjoyed playing!

Belt Design and Durability:

Clips: The clips holding the belts together were solid and held up to the abuse of 500
students taking them off, putting them on, pulling, tugging, and dragging around the gym

Velcro: The Velcro strength was superb. The velcro was just as strong (sticky)
throughout all the lessons and was easy for students to pull off and put back on.

Durability: After using the belts with over 30 – one hour classes grades K-4; so far so
good! The velcro straps are still super strong and the plastic fasteners are still working
properly. The only issue I’ve noticed is the vinyl flags are a bit tattered. Long white
strings are peeling from the sides. Not all of them but quite a few. The flags are very
much still in tact and this has not affected them what so ever.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor: I had much better success using the Drag’N Tail belts inside. When I used them outside, the flags tended to hover above the ground due to the wind, which made the flags difficult to step on.

Activity #1: Cat and Mouse Tag


The object of Cat and Mouse Tag is to become the last remaining Mouse with your tail left!

  • 1 student starts as the “CAT” and tries to step on as many mouse tails as possible.
  • If a cat steps on the mouse’s tail, the mouse becomes a CAT
  • Once your tail is pulled off, you must first pick up your tail before transforming into a cat.
  • Once the last Mouse with a remaining tail will become the first cat for the next game.

WHAT IF questions…….

  • IF your tale falls off on accident; doesn’t count. If a cat steps on the mouse’s tail, the mouse becomes a CAT.
  • IF your tale falls off on accident; doesn’t count. Once the last Mouse with a remaining tail will become the first cat for the next game.
  • IF another mouse accidentally steps on your tale, doesn’t count.

Activity #2: Mouse Mania

The object of Mouse Mania is to retrieve as many pieces of cheese as possible without the cat removing your tail.

  • Separate class into 6 equal groups (hula hoops) a.k.a. Mouse Nests.
  • 1 person (mouse) from each team is allowed to retrieve 1 piece of cheese at a time.
    • 1 mouse is allowed per team at same time.
    • 1 piece of cheese each.
  • 2 cats are the taggers. Cats should remove their tails to distinguish themselves as cats.
    • The taggers (Cats) are NOT allowed in the circle of cheese.
    • The taggers (Cats) can use their feet or hands to pull off tails.
  • IF a mouse tail is pulled off:
    • The mouse must return their piece of cheese.
    • Step off to the side and perform 5 exercises of their choice.
  • Start a new game with new cats once all the cheese is gone.
  • Whichever team has the most cheese WINS!!!

WHAT IF questions:

  • IF….your tale falls off on accident; doesn’t count.
  • IF….another mouse accidentally steps on your tale, doesn’t count.
  • IF…. your tail is NOT in the circle of cheese, a Cat is allowed to pull it off.
  • IF someone is caught taking more than one piece of cheese, they must sit out until next game.
  • Good Luck & HAVE FUN!!!!!

Did we ( my students and I) like the product?

YES, YES, YES! My students loved the new activities, they loved acting like cats or mice and enjoyed the new twist on old PE games.

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