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DynamicPEASAP.com’s simple lesson plan builder allows you to customize lessons by dragging activities into your lesson plan.

If you are looking for new ideas, time-tested ideas, or a new twist on an old favorite, you will find it all at Dynamic PE ASAP. If you are short on time but have to come up with a great lesson plan right now, you are in the right place. DPE ASAP is the perfect marriage of expertly written lesson plans with the power of the internet. A few points-and-clicks and voila! You have a lesson plan. You can search lesson plans in other places online, but it takes time to wade through one site after another. Then, what if you don’t like one part of the lesson plan? You have to go searching again, and again. DPE ASAP puts hundreds of activities at your finger-tips. Mix and match the parts of your lesson or use a ready-made plan. Print it and you are good to go. This site is serious about the ASAP part!

I watch teachers flock to conference sessions that promise the latest curricular ideas. They want new or different activities or new ways to do their lessons so that they can keep their things fresh for their students and less of a burden for them.

Carefully Designed Lessons with Students in Mind

I’ve never forgotten the first time Bob Pangrazi told me, “First and foremost, we do what is good for kids.” The Dynamic PE curriculum is focused on the kids. It is designed for exactly who they are as learners. It recognized that kids are willing to please. It is delivered in small learning packages that suit the learning characteristics of the kids. It is a seemingly endless and creative collection of fun learning activities. Kids are not just little adults. DPE curriculum understands its audience, the kids.

I have never written a single elementary PE lesson plan. Truthfully, I wouldn’t know where to begin. Fortunately, I never had to. Bob and dozens of master teachers did that. I would have been foolish to have ignored their collective experience. I have been preparing new elementary PE teachers for the past 17 years and still have not written a single lesson plan, nor have my students!

In fact, I am convinced that there is a certain futility of hoping to teach undergraduates to be curriculum experts. It is much more productive to teach them to deliver a quality lesson plan. If we try to have them do both, they often struggle and fail, but they don’t know if it was poor lesson planning or poor delivery. Remove half the equation and teach them the skills (management, instruction, and discipline) to deliver a good lesson. Becoming a curriculum expert is not a matter of never but when. It should take place in student teaching and throughout the next decade.

Dynamic PE Four Part Lesson Plan

Introductory Activity – Medic Tag
Fitness Development – Parachute Fitness
Lesson Focus – Hockey Skills
Closing Activity – Steal the Treasure

The videos below also show a great way to start and finish a PE class.

Dynamic Physical Education is For ALL Students

“Dynamic” physical education. Let us not overlook the word “dynamic” simply because it is in the title. It is much more than a catch-word, much more than a title. It speaks of the nature of the content of the curriculum. It is not static. It does not teach a simplistic lesson in the hope that it reaches most of the kids. It is not a one-size-fits-all PE curriculum. It is not a sports-narrow nor a fitness-narrow approach. Rather it recognizes, celebrates, and accommodates the individual learner. It is filled with exciting, challenging, and age- and developmentally-appropriate activities. It promotes the skills of self-management and self-correction in the learners. It promotes awareness and practice of healthful living outside of PE. It infuses the classrooms with activity breaks that recent brain research has identified as helping with academics. It is dynamic because it involves physical movement, from the simple to very complex motor patterns, body control, cognitive processes and problem solving, and positive social interactions of cooperation and collaboration. It promotes inclusion and diversity as children play together, dance together, and laugh together. Dynamic PE is visually, auditorily, and kinesthetically stimulating, colorful, and rhythmic. It unlocks the door to the inherent joy of movement and play. These activities are not one dimensional. They are exciting, appealing, joyful activities, a celebration of movement.

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