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In a school year where anything can happen, I think it’s important to find flexible options in your lesson plans and curriculum. As I have said in previous blogs, I am a simpleton by nature. I am much closer to being lazy than being a workaholic. Thus, I look for pragmatic strategies that are flexible and useful. As many of you know this is a foundational philosophy behind Dynamic PE ASAP. We want to provide quality physical education lessons in a quality physical education curriculum that would be flexible and malleable for you, the teacher. Interestingly, although we didn’t know about COVID-19 when we put the website together, that foundational guidance holds true during this time. More than 70% of the activities can be used/modified to fit the most stringent of expectations such as small space, no equipment, and social distancing.

For the rest of this blog I want to provide you with some examples of how dynamicpeasap.com can be used regardless of the environment you are facing. The approach I took was simply to look through the activities in the lesson plan browser to find some that fit my needs and I dragged them into a lesson. Dr. Robert Pangrazi explains exactly how to do this in the video learning series. The lessons I will show you were created for a specific situation and grade-level. Let’s take a look.

Small space, no equipment K-2

For the first scenario, physical education will be offered in the classroom with students expected to remain socially distant. In this lesson, there is no equipment, activities can be modified and students can engage in outcome/assessment driven learning experiences. One equipment modification is the students would either pretend to have a jump rope or jump over a line in the room for those activities.

Intro: Bend, Stretch, and Shake

Fitness: Astronaut Exercises – Level 1

Focus: Movement Skills and Concepts

Closing Activity: Pigs Fly

Small space, no equipment 3-4

As in the first lesson, this lesson would require very few modifications. “How are we alike?” can be taught using social distancing and still be a great get to know you activity.

Intro: Magic Number Challenge

Fitness: Teacher-Leader Exercises

Focus: Rhythmic Movement Skills

Closing Activity: How are we Alike?

Large space, no equipment K-2

This lesson works if you are provided a large space such as outside or a gymnasium big enough for social distancing, but equipment is not allowed.

Intro: Move and Freeze on Signals

Fitness: Circuit Training – Level 1

Focus: Movement Skills and Concepts

Closing Activity: Up Periscope

This is just a flavor of the variety of lessons and activities that are provided by dynamicpeasap.com. It will take a bit of time to create lessons that work in your environment. However, an array of activities are there, it’s just a matter of organizing these outcome-based activities for your environment. The lesson combinations you can create are endless.

Please let us know how you are using dynamicpeasap.com for your COVID-19 lessons or let us know if you need help!

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