Fundraising Idea: Action Auction Parties

Are you tired of your school’s same old fundraising ideas? Are you wanting to incorporate physical activity into these fundraisers? Well I have the perfect solution for you – Action Auction Parties!

Fundraiser TicketsEvery year our school hosts an annual auction for our families to attend and help raise funds for our school. It’s a typical school auction, where each classroom contributes a handcrafted project that will go home with the highest bidder.

We are also known for what we call, “Wildcat Parties.” These are fun planned outings sponsored by a family or a generous donor, where individuals can purchase a ticket to attend and all funds go straight back into the school. For example, ‘Principle on the Patio’ is a night out with administration and includes dinner hosted in someone’s home. Another is a ‘Mani/Pedi Night’ hosted at a local spa. Tickets to attend typically are $25-$40 and parties vary year after year. I thought to myself, how can I get involved and raise funds in an active and healthy way? Action Auction Parties! Below you’ll find the party ideas up for auction at my school this year.

Action Auction Party Ideas:

3rd Grade – ACTION! Drag’N Tails™

Students meet in the gym after school for two hours of play and have snacks. Cost is $20 with no limit on how many can attend; we typically have about 40+ attending. We run a game with the whole group for about 20 minutes, then run two separate (and smaller) games of Drag’N Tails™ and switch off opponents every 10-15 minutes.

Students Playing PE Game

4th Grade – Human Foosball

Students meet on the field for two hours of fun and get pizza after. Cost is $25 and limited to 30 attendees. Check out ACTION!™ SynchroBall™ for your Human Foosball supply needs.

Students Playing Human Foosball

5th and 6th Grade – Gopher D-Lite™ Slip-N-Slide Kickball

These events will be held separately, but include the same idea for each grade level. This is our first time to try such an event like this. We got the idea from a YouTube video that went viral. If you have ever tried this, I’d love to hear about your experience. This day lands on a half day, so students will bring a picnic lunch and we will play after for an hour and a half. Cost is $30 and limited to 30 students.

Students playing slip and slide kickball

7th Grade – Human Hungry Hungry Hippos

This is based on another YouTube viral video idea. We will use the UltimateScooter™ Boards and the yellow balls from the ACTION!™ FoodFat™ Attack Set. Cost is $2 and limited to 32 students. See how to play here.

8th Grade – The Glow Games

We’ll play glow in the dark dodgeball using FireFly™ Glow in the Dark Dodgeballs and glow in the dark Nine Square in the Air using a homemade PVC “court”. This event has no limit and will be hosted at night for our students. Cost is $25.


Comment below and share how your school raises funds!


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