Gopher Live – Episode 3 – A new SPARK challenge and health. moves. minds. lesson plans!

In this episode of Gopher Live, Adam Gill and Andy Tupy share the latest Gopher resources, a new SPARK challenge and health. moves. minds. lesson plans. All of these resources are free. We encourage you to share them with parents and students!

5 Responses

  1. Thanks guys and GOPHER for doing this. I have used a lot of your ideas for my Zoom classes! Thanks again!

    Greg Bert
    NBCT EAYA/Physical Education
    Black Hills High School, Tumwater, WA

  2. Thanks. Great ideas. Can’t wait to look on the site and see all the things you talked about and use some of them for my students I see for physical therapy.

  3. Thank you very much! Great ideas using stuff around the house. Appreciate the demonstrations too!

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