Helping the Substitute Teacher Succeed

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Today, I’m going to be discussing a practice that can help your substitute teacher succeed.

Welcome to the PE Express podcast two to three times a week, a PE expert will share a tip, activity idea, or teaching strategy to help you become a better PE professional. Today’s host is an elementary PE teacher coming to us from the beautiful mountains of Colorado, Lynn Burrows.

Today I’d like to discuss a simple practice that can help your substitute teacher succeed. When I need to be out of my school, I want to ensure that the substitute teacher is successful so my students’ learning can continue with little interruption. Like you I have great students in my school where I teach. However, occasionally they may be tempted to test the boundaries, especially with a substitute teacher and like you I have orderly consistent practices that help a substitute step into my shoes. I also leave my substitute with clear and easy to follow plans. Yet I was finding upon my return that my students were struggling with giving the substitute the courtesy and respect that I would expect. They weren’t terrible, but they weren’t great. I want my students to be great so that top quality substitutes will want to come to our school and again, so that my students can continue to learn even when I’m not there.

Now I implement class of the day, easy peasy. The substitute chooses the very best class of the day. Then upon my return, each of the students in that class gets to pick out of my treasure box. My treasure box is a box that students get to pick a birthday present from when it’s their birthday. It’s filled with jump ropes, super balls, pencils, and pirate coins. On the gym whiteboard before I leave, I write a big class of the day is, and before I leave, I remind classes that they will have a chance to win and I believe that there’ll be one of the class of the day. I might say, “I know you guys are so close. She’ll be so great. What kinds of things do you think that substitute’s going to be looking for when they make the decision to choose class of the day?” We talk about it. I set them up for success. I’ve had many substitutes thank me for this practice. Substitutes gladly come to my gym and I hope my success with class of the day will inspire you to give it a try.

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  1. This is such a great idea. I will definitely try to put this into practice the next time I need to be out of school.

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