How My PE Pack Supports PE during COVID-19 (A Teacher’s Perspective)

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Educator Analysis: The My PE Packs

Coming into teaching this fall of 2020 will truly be one of a kind. After enduring the spring’s physical shutdown of schools and switching to remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am committed to embracing a mindset of flexibility this fall.

Physical Education is an essential component of every child’s education. With today’s health risks, not just physically, but socially, emotionally, and mentally as well, the importance of Physical Education and daily physical activity for students is even more paramount than ever before.

We can and must continue to provide Physical Education in any form feasible as we navigate teaching in these unchartered times. I have been looking for ideas, solutions, and support that will help teachers during this pandemic. I am relieved Gopher has stepped forward with a positive solution called My PE Packs.

Gopher’s My PE Packs provide students of any age and ability level their own set of equipment to use in any setting. Whether students are learning at school, at home, or in a hybrid model, the several pack options help students and teachers work together in achieving Physical Education learning outcomes and providing daily physical activity, both of which are important components of any physical education program.

What I like about the My PE Packs solution is each pack includes “access to FREE, easy-to-implement activities that stress physical distancing while avoiding the need to share equipment.” The packs are a “safe, effective solution that addresses the challenges of equipment sanitation, physical distancing, and multiple learning environments!”

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I see My PE Packs being used in several capacities within the three major models of learning that will occur this fall. These packs support all stakeholder perspectives, Physical Education teachers, classroom teachers, special education teachers, before and after school specialists, and parents.

Models of learning for school re-entry during COVID-19 pandemic:

  • In-school Instruction with Physical Distancing
  • Distance Learning
  • Hybrid Learning

Stakeholder perspectives to support during COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Physical Education Teachers
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Before & After School Program Specialists
  • Parents, Families, and Caregivers

How My PE Packs support learning models & stakeholders:

In-school instruction with physical distancing model & My PE Packs:

Who it supports: How it works:
– A PE Teacher in the gym setting.

PE Teacher in a modified setting.

Classroom Teacher or Special Education Services providing physical education, classroom activity breaks, or physical activity time.

Before or After School Program providing physical activity or movement programming.
– The teacher creates a free account.

– The teacher selects activities based on learning goals and outcomes.

– Students bring their My PE Pack from home or have an assigned pack from their classroom teacher for PE time to help eliminate equipment sharing and reduce sanitization challenges.

– The teacher leads activities for students. Show activity videos and print activity instructions, as needed.

Distance learning model & My PE Packs:

Who it supports: How it works:
PE Teacher providing remote learning for physical education and encouraging daily physical activity.

Classroom Teacher or Special Education Services providing remote learning for physical education, activity breaks, or physical activity time.

Before or After School Program providing remote services for physical activity or movement programming.
– Teacher assigns select activities for students to complete at home based upon program learning outcomes.

– Parent/Student creates a free account to follow activity instructions and activity videos.

– Students complete activities using their My PE Pack equipment.

– If a student needed to be home or chose distance learning, they could create a free account and continue their learning from home.

Hybrid learning model & My PE Packs:

Who it supports: How it works:
Hybrid Learning with My PE Packs supports both the in-school instruction and at-home distance learning models.

PE Teacher Classroom TeacherSpecial Education Services Before or After School Program  
Given the setting (in-school or at-home) the teacher, parent, and student use the steps above as their guide.

When in-school, students bring their My PE Pack for PE time.

The teacher leads activities selected from the My PE Pack program based upon learning goals.

When at-home, students use their My PE Pack for PE and physical activity time. Students complete the activities assigned by their teacher.

I think using the My PE Packs program can help schools adapt to any of the models of learning this fall and will ensure Physical Education remains an important part of each child’s learning experience.

Each pack includes equipment for a variety of activities linked to Physical Education learning standards and helps support physical activity. The equipment fits in a mesh bag backpack so students can easily transport the materials to any setting (gym, classroom, home and back, etc.).

From an educator perspective, I think one of the best features of My PE Packs is the FREE website with “Ready to Go” educational activities that align with national PE standards, outline clear teaching instructions and learning outcomes with “I can” statements. Many activities include a quick activity demonstration video and some even highlight “Social Emotional Learning Activities” from SHAPE America’s “health. moves. minds.” Service-Learning Program. The website is completely FREE and easy to use. All a teacher or parent needs to do is register online, and they can log in any time to view the activities. Share the news about the My PE Packs with your administrators and curriculum directors today as a solution for providing physical education that supports all three learning models, social distancing, and sanitization considerations.

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