How to Condition Your Athletes with Rope Training

Rope training is increasing in popularity as an effective and economical tool for peak conditioning. Rope training increases muscular endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, and increases metabolism for incredible fat-burning. Because the ropes themselves have zero momentum, the burden is on the user to get them moving – and keep them in motion. Rope training fully engages core muscles, as well as the less-frequently targeted forearms and hands, while going easy on the joints.

Conditioning ropes are easy to set up and use, regardless of athleticism or skill level. Simply wrap the rope evenly around any vertical standard narrower than the width of your body, mount on our wall anchor, or use in group training with one of our anchor stations. Training ropes are easy to get the hang of and don’t require the same technical proficiency as other conditioning exercises to get a great workout.

Which conditioning rope is right for you?

There are three factors when choosing the best conditioning rope for you or your athletes.


1″ dia. ropes provide a better grip and lighter weight, great for beginners or youth training.

1.5″ dia. ropes have more of an ergonomic grip and moderate weight, for older users.

2″ dia. ropes have oversized grip and heavy weight for serious training.


30’L requires less energy to make waves. This length is better for younger users and smaller training areas.

40’L is a quality intermediate option with a range of training potential.

50’L has more slack, making it a challenge to keep the rope moving. Perfect for higher fitness levels.


Polypropylene is easy on the hands and has a smooth finish. It outlasts traditional manila, but recommended for indoor use only.

Nylon sheathed covered ropes have a durable cover that prevent fraying and damage. This type of rope can be used indoors and outdoors.

Rope Training Equipment We Recommend

Warrior battle ropes are designed with all athletes in mind and come with several key variable options to ensure the best workout possible. Here are 4 different types of ropes from our Warrior line.


Warrior Training Ropes
  • Polypropylene rope material
  • Booted ends to eliminate frayed ends and enables firm grip
  • 2 thickness – 1.5″ and 2″ dia.
  • 3 lengths – 30’L, 40’L, and 50’L

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Warrior Apprentice

Warrior Apprentice Training Ropes
  • Polypropylene rope material
  • 1″ dia.
  • 2 lengths – 30’L (8 lb) and 50’L (13 lb)
  • Booted ends
  • Recommended for beginners and young athletes

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Warrior Talon

Warrior Talon Training Ropes
  • Polypropylene rope material
  • 1.5″ dia. rope
  • 2″ dia knurled aluminum handles
  • 2 lengths – 30’L (17 lb) and 50’L (28 lb)

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Warrior Elite

Warrior Elite Training Ropes
  • Nylon sheathing protection
  • Polypropylene rope material
  • Booted ends
  • 1.5″ dia.
  • 2 lengths – 30’L (21 lb) and 50’L (32 lb)

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Rope Training Accessories

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