“Leading with Kindness is Everything” [Interactive]

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In this episode of the PE Express podcast, Anna Forcelledo and Michelle Huff shares the impact that health. moves. minds. has had on their school and community.

[0:40] Hey, everyone, it’s Anna Forcelledo and Michelle Huff here with you #dynamicduostyle and we’re so excited for Random Acts of Kindness Week, February 14th through February 20th.

[0:55] We have set up resources to utilize for you this week along with Shape America for anyone around the world to use. We want to bring unity and love to everyone through kindness. We have certain themes and social media challenges set up for each day, so get excited.

[1:12] We’ve been incorporating health. moves. minds. and kindness within our classes throughout the year in both of our states. We’ve encouraged students to be innovative in their thinking, which has allowed them to create their own voice in choice and what mindfulness, kindness, empowerment, and advocacy really looks like to them.

[1:33] Our students have led numerous initiatives, such as implementing daily kindness quotes and challenges, virtual kindness wall, complement cards, kindness videos and have kept the community involved through posting on digital media platforms.

[1:49] The impact of health. moves. minds. throughout our school community has changed the culture of how students and staff interact with each other. We have seen them be more kind to each other, give more compliments, lift each other up and it has really just raised the school morale dramatically. In a world where we can be easily swept up in the negativity swirling around us, leading with kindness is everything.

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[2:17] Our students have realized the power that comes from a single act of kindness and how, when we received kindness and pass it on to someone else, it creates a ripple effect of love throughout our community and like our favorite quote says, in a world where you can be anything, be kind.

[2:36] Thank you so much for tuning in with us today and listening to ways that health. moves. minds. and kindness has impacted our students, our schools, and our community. We look forward to engaging in #RandomActsofKindnessWeek with you this February 14th – February 20th.

[2:53] We’re ready to #GiveKindnessWings on Monday. #PassKindnessOn on Tuesday. #KindnessSelfie on Wednesday, #BeKindtoYourself Thursday, and #KindnessMeme on Friday.

[3:06] For more information, visit www.shapeamerica.org and you can add Michelle and I are on Twitter @mshuff_HPE and @AnnaForcelledo. Thank you Gopher so much for having us.

[3:21] And that wraps up today’s episode. Shape America has created some great resources online to help you get started with health. moves. minds., including a getting started guide, SEL lesson plans, event and engagement ideas, and a justification toolkit to share with your administration. You can view all of those materials online at healthmovesminds.org. Also, learn more about the social media challenges for the rest of the week by following Anna and Michelle on Twitter @AnnaForcelledo and @mshuff_HPE. We’ll see you soon, right here on the PE Express podcast. Powered by Gopher. Your resource for all things Physical Education.

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