Looking for P.E. Professional Development? Try Twitter!

Looking for new PE professional development opportunities? What about a new activity or game idea? Maybe a place to connect with other Physical Education Teachers? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time for you to check out Twitter! Learn how to join the P.E. Community on Twitter in 3 easy steps below.Twitter Logo - PE Professional Development

If you’re anything like me, you’re skeptical. You’re probably thinking, “How can Twitter help me get new ideas on lesson planning, assessments, integration, classroom management, etc.?” Well, it certainly can! Twitter has a huge online Physical Education community. The internet allows us to collaborate with other P.E. Specialists like never before. We can now find fellow educators not just in our district, state, and nation, but globally with the use of social media, specifically Twitter.

As you probably know, finding professional development for the Physical Education professional can be difficult. When I first started teaching Physical Education over 16 years ago, all I had was books, district colleagues, and local workshops. Today the internet has made it easier than ever to improve your teaching. However, YOU have to want to improve your craft!


3 Steps for Joining the P.E. Twitter Community:

  1.   Watch or read a short Twitter tutorial for getting started and creating an account. Check out these great tutorials!

  2. Connect with these awesome P.E. Twitter Professionals on the #PhysEd #mustfollow list to maximize your PE professional development!C5U7LKwUEAA0Ue
    Don’t forget these guys too!

    • @GopherSport
    • ​​@physed_Pomeroy
    • @JoeyFeith
    • @bdovore7
    • @GHSaysRockChalk
    • @@pk_lv2teachpe
    • @JohnJonesPE
    • @LovephyEd
  3. Start tweeting!! See you on Twitter at @PEberingmx!


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