Make Life Easier with Google Calendar and Google Forms!

Google Apps Sign - PE Google AppsDo you struggle to keep your equipment organized between teachers? What about scheduling spaces for large PE departments? Maybe having issues getting students to return their syllabus at the beginning of the year? 

Have no fear, PE Google Apps are here!
Check out how my school uses Google Calendar and Google Forms to help keep us organized and make life easier below.


Google Calendar:

This year we used Google Calendar to improve our Physical Education program’s efficiency and communication.

How We Use Google Calendar to Stay Organized: 

We created one shared Google calendar for the physical education department. We then use the calendar to organize our activities, equipment needs, and space needs. Each teacher is able to see what the others have planned for the day and also long term, ensuring we aren’t double booking equipment or space! This App also allows you to make changes and will notify the others when a change occurs. The Google Calendar has helped us to maintain efficiencywith our lessons and has helped “keep the peace” among the staff at my school.

Google Forms:

This year a light bulb finally went off and we decided to use Google Forms for our syllabus and student information.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Google Forms takes the paper out of the process, but more importantly it takes the collection portion out of the picture as well! This leaves more time for you to get your students active! 

How We Use Google Forms for Syllabus Collection:

Parents are directed to the department web page where they read the syllabus online. Once they’ve read through the syllabus, they click on the link to the form. Once they fill out the form and hit send, all the information we need is stored in our Google account and can be accessed at any time. Teachers may also sort the information as needed.  Another benefit is the easy access to information. We no longer have to go through a file of papers to find student information. The information is at our fingertips online through any computer, tablet, or cellular device. There’s a bit of a learning curve, as teachers need to have some knowledge of Google Sheets, similar to Microsoft’s Excel program, but I guarantee it’s worth taking the time to learn!


Google offers a variety of other applications such as, Docs (similar to Microsoft Word) and Slides (similar to Microsoft PowerPoint), that also make great tools for Physical Education!

If your school isn’t already set up with a free Google for Education account, you are able to use the apps through a personal e-mail account as well.


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