Medicine Balls: Choosing the Right One

Are you looking for ways to maximize power training for upper body and core? Ballistic training is the perfect way to do that. This type of training allows you to accelerate a load as fast as possible with no deceleration phase, allowing athletes to develop both power and speed-strength. Medicine balls are commonly used in ballistic training by tossing or throwing the balls in foundational or complex patterns.

There are many types of medicine balls that have different functions. So which is the right one for you? Well, it depends on what you want to accomplish. Here is a breakdown of the different types and their uses.


These standard 6”-12” diameter balls feature grippy rubber or synthetic covers for premium control during strength training or partner workouts.


Dimpled cover is perfect for throwing and catching

A traditional low-bounce medicine ball with a cover similar to a basketball’s gives user a superior grip during dynamic exercises. The dimpled, impressionable construction is perfect for throwing and catching, and ensures that balls won’t roll away when dropped. This medicine ball is not designed for continual slamming.


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These medicine balls have a premium rubber construction, combined with a compressed core, which makes for optimal bounce during tosses, passes, and slams. The firm cover has a seamless design so it will never split, crack, or lose shape. The 10 lb option meets ACFT per TRADOC.

This type of medicine ball is not ideal for continual slamming.


Great for partner exercises

Enforcer Medicine Balls increase training potential through a higher bounce, making them perfect for rebounding drills. The textured surface with dimples and basketball-like channels makes them extremely easy to throw and catch during partner medicine ball exercises. Overall, they allow users to quickly produce force and bounce back for fast, repeated repetitions in slams, wall tosses, and other exercises.


These medicine balls are larger with a 14” or 18” diameter making it easier to track, but can be more challenging to maneuver. They have tacky covers with deeper seams to enhance grip – ideal for improving functional strength and proprioception.

Different Types of Oversized Balls:


Premium cover offers a secure grip

The large, 14″ diameter challenges users during conditioning exercises like Russian twists, and adds difficulty to bodyweight movements like lunges, squats, and pushups. A uniform size across weights gives users consistency in movement dynamics as they progress in skill and strength.

The tacky cover and soft-sided construction also enhances grip during dynamic exercises like wall tosses, partner passes, chest passes, and overhead throws.


Superior quality is reliable for routine use

Featuring a specially woven cover comparable to the material used in many body armors, this ball is durable enough to hold up to even the most rigorous training regimens. The cover provides excellent grip for throwing, catching, and handling exercises while retaining shape with consistent heavy use. Low-bounce construction makes it easier to control during dynamic exercises such as wall balls, chops, and plyometric throws. Controlled exercises such as Russian twists and medicine ball sit-ups are also made easier with the Demolition medicine ball. Although, its 14″ dia makes it more difficult to hold during dynamic exercises, adding extra challenges to users’ coordination and core stability. 


Cover offers a secure grip

The Atlas Medicine Ball is 18″ diameter and developed specially for ultimate abrasion resistance, making these atlas balls tougher than the competition Atlas stones because they won’t crack over time. A unique texture amplifies athlete grip and resists tearing throughout countless Zercher squats, platform lifts, and carries by multiple athletes. Coupling these types of exercises with standard weight training creates well-rounded athleticism for sports and everyday life. The Atlas medicine balls also help introduce proper lifting mechanics for any athletes who are new to weightlifting, allowing coaches to focus on midline stability when teaching the basics of deadlifting.


Durable construction resists tears

This is an oversized medicine ball you can slam again and again! It features a 14″ dia cover in our all-new, technologically-advanced material, developed specifically for abrasion-resistance. The durable construction resists tears throughout years of the roughest slams, drops, and plyometric work. Unique texturing on the cover provides ultimate grip during fast-paced movements, allowing athletes to maximize intensity in the gym.


Specifically designed with incredible durability and strength, these balls withstand vigorous slamming workouts.

Different Types of Slam Balls:


Extra strong construction to withstand intense slamming

Tremor medicine balls features a unique, intensely-textured cover for a superior grip. This allows users to push slam workouts to faster and stronger levels. It will improve muscle mass, core strength, and stability.

The thicker cover material ensures it withstands the most intense use and abuse day after day. Sand-filled core absorbs impact and guarantees zero-bounce or roll on impact, eliminating unnecessary stalls or holdups during workouts. The sand center also shifts during throws and hand-offs, engaging core and stabilizing muscles. Tremor also retains its shape, no matter how many slams it takes into the ground.


Sand-filled core shifts for an added challenge

Quake Slam Balls are the largest slam balls in the industry (14″ dia) for more challenging training. Picking up Quake Slam Balls is similar to picking up an Atlas stone. They allow users to effectively train for strongman exercises like cleans, shouldering, carries, and overhead tosses. The dead bounce upon impact allows for similar performance to traditional slamming exercises like overhead slams and chops. All strongman and slamming exercises can be used to improve strength, conditioning, and development of force.


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The TACtonic Slam Balls enhance grip due to the uneven PVC and hexagon indents that fit fingers perfectly. Athletes will transfer even more force into overhead slams, throws, chops, and even overhead tosses.

The thick PVC cover provides excellent durability and is tough enough to hold up in high-volume commercial fitness facilities. Its seamless design also resists cracking and withstands high-force slams and throws.


Textured cover enhances grip

This rubber slam ball has the fortitude to withstand the highest levels of use and abuse. Whether using these slam balls for ball slams, carries, or overhead tosses, their one-of-a-kind deeply grooved rubber cover provides maximum control and accuracy. A sand-filled center shifts within the shell to engage users throughout each rep, and it firmly plants the ball on slams or throws for little to no bounce.

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