No More Draggin’ with Drag’N Tails!

Are you looking for the next big PE activities product? 

Searching for equipment that is new, innovative and exciting? What that awesome energy that gets your students excited about moving and working together?!

Well, stop looking because this set is for you! Gopher’s new ACTION!™ Drag’N Tails™ has been all the rage in our gym since it came out in January of 2015.

 Students playing PE activities 

Drag’N Tails is a new and creative twist to flag belt games with flags that drag…that’s right, DRAG! These longer style vinyl flags are 60” and students use their feet to stomp and detach their opponents’ flag to create turnovers. Students use teamwork to advance the coated foam ball and score a point in their team’s goal. When you purchase Drag’N Tails, instructions for various games using the equipment are included. I have included even more games listed below, but the fun doesn’t stop there; the gaming possibilities with this equipment are endless. Imagine all flag belt games you already play with your classes…now you can play all those games with flags that drag!


I teach grades K-8th and we were able to adapt and modify this equipment set to play with all grades. I highly recommend this new product for your classes. Enjoy the games listed below!


Chasing Tails

Equipment: Drag’N Tails — one long tail per set of partners

Activity: Have students gather in partners and spread out in the gym. Each partner should have their own Belt, and one partner should wear a long flag borrowed from the new game Drag’N Tails. Partners are only allowed to move in the small space given and turn on an axis. The partners without the flags try to stomp onto the flag to remove it from their partner’s belt. NO HANDS. If the flag comes off that partner takes a turn to wear the flag and vice versa.


Chasing Drag’Ns

Equipment: Drag’N Tails Flags & Belts

Activity: Have all students with a long flag spread out in the gaming area. All other students form a line to wait their turn (line might seem long, but it will move fast as the game progresses). Students with flags are allowed to move anywhere in the gaming area and try to remove each other’s flags by stepping on them. Once you loose your tail, pick it up and bring it to the next person in line waiting their turn.


  • Everybody vs. everybody
  • Yellow vs. green
  • Boys vs. girls
  • Homeroom vs. homeroom


May the Best Drag’N Win!

Equipment: Drag’N Tails Flags & Belts (enough for everybody)

Activity: (Elimination-style Game) Everybody has their own long flag and belt. Spread out into the gaming area. NO TEAMS. Everybody vs. Everybody trying to detach one another’s tails to eliminate them from the game. May the best Drag’N WIN!


  • All girls round
  • All boys round


Slaying Drag’Ns

Equipment: Drag’N Tails Flags & Belts (enough for everybody, minus 1)

Activity: Have all students with a long flag spread out in the gaming area. Choose one student to start without a flag. This student is the Slayer. The Slayer goes around trying to detach the Drag’N Tails. Once a Drag’N loses their tail, they become a Slayer too. Have students pick up their flag off the ground before they join the game as a Slayer for Safety. Play until all Drag’Ns have been slayed.


Drag’N Slayer

**Ideal for large class sizes where equipment is limited

Equipment: Drag’N Tails Flags & Belts (enough for half of the class)

Activity: (Elimination-style Game) Divide your class into two teams. One team wears the Drag’N Tail belts and flags. The team without the flags are the Slayers and try to eliminate the Drag’Ns by detaching their flags. Once your flag comes off you are out. Play until you have one Drag’N left and switch out the equipment between the teams to play again.


Check out this great informational video on Drag’N Tails!

Purchase Drag’N Tails™ for your program today!






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