Extra Funding Increases Activity for All 2nd Grade Students!

One district in North Carolina got the opportunity to provide all 2nd grade students with at-home activity packs! “District leaders informed us that they had extra funding.” It is essential to stay in constant communication with your district PE leader and district administration because funding is available. Stay top of mind of never stop advocating for your PE program!

Health and PE Specialist Q&A

Q: Which department within your district was responsible for distributing funding?

A: “Learning and Teaching, Office of Academics”

Q: How you were able to access federal funding?

A: “District leaders informed us that they had extra funding.”

Q: Were you given specific requirements for purchasing?

A: “Yes, we had to purchase and receive the items by Dec. 31. Additionally, all items must be provided to all 2nd grade students and be used at-home.”

Q: How did your PE program use CARES funding to address the challenges of teaching PE?

A: “Created 2nd grade ‘at-home’ kits. Kits included dice, playing cards, scarves, drum sticks.  Additionally, we created remote lessons with the use of the equipment.”

Q: What advice do you have for PE teachers who are interested in securing future federal funding?

A: “Take advantage of all the shared lessons and resources on social media.”

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share with us regarding your experience?

A: “Excellent customer service”

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