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Top 10 Back-to-School Keys to Success: Ready, Set, Go!

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It’s that time of year again– put away the flip-flops and get out those tennies. 
How and what we plan in these last few weeks before the start up of school will determine the success of your program. Being organized now will help ensure success later.

Top 10 Back-to-School Keys to Success:

1. Curriculum

  • Create your semester outline
  • Develop your student calendar
  • Write your daily lesson plans

2. Create Your Course Syllabus

  • Expectations/Rules and consequences signs
  • Dress and grading plan

3. Compose Your Letter to Parents

  • What to expect from your PE program
  • Dress and grading requirements
  • Welcome parents to visit
  • Update your school website

4. Bulletin Boards and Posters

  • Welcome back, Nutrition and Fitness Tips, Safety, School Pride, etc.
  • Make them colorful and inviting – ask students to read them
  • Check out poster and banners here

5. Music Preparation

  • Stay current; avoid inappropriate language
  • Organize your playlists

6. Equipment Room

  • Clean and organize
  • Assure equipment is in working condition

7. Prepare Your Grade Book

  • Rosters

8. Purchase Orders for Equipment

  • Check school budget and ordering policies for the year
  • Make sure you have the essentials!

9. Facility Sharing

  • Know who is where and when… this also applies to equipment

10. Emergency Plan

  • Know the school first aid policy
  • Ensure first aid kit is ready to go
  • Establish your first contact for help
  • Use walkie-talkies and/or cell phones

 I hope these back-to-school keys to success help you prepare for the upcoming school year!

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