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The Death of Sweaty Weight Vests

Designed for Coaches in Mind

If you’ve ever used weight vests in your program, you might be familiar with the pain they come with. ReadyArmor Weight Vests aren’t your run-of-the-mill, sweat-soaked, poorly-fitting vests made for distance running. They are loaded with coach-friendly features and are uniquely designed to provide form-fitting, wearable resistance for improving athletic ability without hindering users’ movement.

Recently, a Strength and Conditioning Coach tried ReadyArmor Weight Vests with his athletes recovering from ACL injury. He had great results with using the vests to enhance body weight movement training. Read more about his experience here.

Behind the Design

ReadyArmor Weight Vest - Sweat Proof

100% Sweat -Proof

You won’t find another weight vest that’s as easy to maintain. Athletes and coaches will love the proprietary moisture-resistant vinyl construction. It repels water and is easy to clean with common antibacterial wipes.

ReadyArmor Weight Vest - Incredibly Durable

Incredibly Durable

These vests might not be bulletproof, but they’ll outlast any neoprene or cordura vest. The rip-stop vinyl construction will stand up to abrasive concrete, sharp objects, and anything else your athletes might throw at them.

ReadyArmor Weight Vest - Athlete Friendly Fit

Athlete-Friendly Fit

Each model and size extends only to the bottom of the ribcage. This keeps the core free during rotational exercises or lateral plyometrics. Contoured shoulders and adjustable clips provide a snug but comfortable fit for a wide variety of athletes.

ReadyArmor Weight Vest - Effortless Experience

Effortless Experience

Forget about stacking damp vests after air-drying them over your power racks. The ReadyArmor 10-Vest set includes a space-efficient storage rack that makes it easy to select the right size and wipe down after use. If needed, the rack can easily be moved from room to room on locking casters.

Foolproof Loading

Foolproof Weight Vest Loading

Athletes may waste a lot of time trying to figure out how much load is in their weigh vest. With the ReadyArmor Weight Vest your athletes can choose between fixed weights of 10lb and 20lb that fall between 10 and 20% of an athlete’s bodyweight. This provides optimal loading for speed, agility, and plyometric training—enough to provide a robust training stimulus without impairing movement quality.

See the ReadyArmor Weight Vest in Action


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