Reflecting and Preparing for PE This Fall with Jessica Shawley [Interactive]

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As we enjoy our summer, Jessica shares about the importance of reflection as a way to prepare for fall, including specifics about what was learned from teaching during the COVID-19 spring term pandemic.

Reflecting on Spring 2020

[0:20] Reflection is an important part of the learning process. It’s not only important for our students as learners though it’s also important for us as teachers and as I do that I have to ask, you know, What did I learn? I learned that this was hard. It was emotionally draining, and it was a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be. And I definitely needed to dial it back and use a keep it simple approach. I needed to think about what was most important for my students. I also learned that it’s okay not to have all the answers. I learned that it was important to take things one step at a time and ask for help and to utilize the resource is that are available to me. And I was very appreciative of all the resource is that Gopher put together and pushed out during this time and all the resource is that SHAPE America also produced. It was truly amazing. 

Preparing This Summer

[1:13] In going forward here and thinking about what do I take with me and use again because I think anything worth doing – once you do it and learn something you should, it should be something that you want to utilize again in the future. So I tried to use that lens as well when I was creating resource for my students and learning things and one of them is definitely screencastify, being able to create screencast for students. I also had already been using Google Classroom in some of my classes, but I think that’s now a tool I’m gonna use consistently in all of my classes throughout this coming school year. I’m also going to continue to use the teacher website that I developed with all the resource is that I felt were important for my students so it gives them the resource is at their fingertips. And I’m going to continue to use SHAPE America’s website and Gopher’s website for those valuable ideas.

[2:10] I know in moving forward some areas of improvement for myself are the consistency with my online teaching practices. So I have learned how to use screencastify, I have learned how to use Google Classroom and now based upon my experiences and learning from my mistakes and from the things that worked well, I’m gonna be able to combine all these resource that I’ve developed and gathered from all these places and now be able to be really efficient at this online learning or a blended hybrid approach or utilizing them as regular resource is in the traditional classroom. 

Looking Forward to Next School Year

[2:49] But I’m lastly just thinking here about, you know, how do we move forward? But again, it’s one step at a time. Be sure to have a support system and ask for help, and that’s participating in your profession. And when we come back in the fall, the social emotional focus and being able to care for our students as they’ve gone through this time is super important for us. Not only do we have to care for ourselves this summer as we unplug and unwind a bit so we can rest and recharge, we’re gonna need to be there for our students. So just thinking about how to connect with them, thinking about that approach with our standards and maybe even working backwards with that, you know, backwards design with the standards in mind, you know, thinking about standards 5, 4 and 3 as a guide for us in being able to teach students how to value and participate in a physically active lifestyle, being able to be personally and socially responsible, and then their overall lifetime fitness as that major guide for us and then those skills will continue to come along as they have that choice and application. 

[3:57] So there you have it, some ideas that I’ve been thinking about and wanted to put in a podcast. I really wish you all a wonderful summer and thank you all, as always, for listening. 

4 Responses

  1. Thank you
    Great to have a support. Anxiety is my new word as we return. Roller coaster rides as I begin the fall year 2020-2021. Truly enjoyed message and do not feel alone in this new way of teaching. Students will return to school. 50-90 students each period. Want to continue gopher as this is 1st time watching. Old school teacher

  2. Hello, Jessica,
    I am a 1st-4th P.E. teacher at ASH in New Orleans; we are planning to open Aug. 13th. Do you have any ideas about using a gym in this new social distancing protocol? Equipment?
    Please share your ideas so that I can present them to my principal.

  3. Hi Meliss!
    Thanks for asking about resources – I just had another podcast posed on this topic. Check out the SHAPE America reentry document that also has a resource appendix with some samples like you are asking about. Here is the link to the SHAPE resource page:
    and I also just saw New York state AHPERD released their own reentry document with resources. Here is the link:
    I hope this helps you get started!
    All the best,
    Jessica Shawley

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