Safety Squat Bar: From Specialty Bar, to Weight Room Staple

Safety squat bars have evolved from that odd bar used by hardcore powerlifters to a must-have weapon in the contemporary strength coaches’ arsenal. Athletes from high school to professional levels will benefit from the unique exercises and novel stimulus that can be achieved with their use.

Performance Meets Durability

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Say goodbye to vinyl-covered foam pads that become compressed and torn over time. Our seamlessly molded pad features a heavily-bonded foam that will retain its shape over years of hard use. The firmer design also feels more like an Olympic bar at the bottom of squats and lunges.

Ergonomic Design

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To ensure the highest quality, we meticulously designed a singular molded pad that extends from the bar itself through the handles–comfortably contouring to the shoulders for a wide variety of users. The pad design also positions the load directly over the traps allowing for greater balance during squats and helping the athlete feel more connected with the bar.

Coach-Centric Features

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A chrome-plated finish provides greater resistance against corrosion and blemishes caused by contact with steel plate inserts and racks, keeping the bar looking newer, longer. Additionally, the matte-black pad is incredibly easy to clean between uses and won’t absorb sweat or moisture like inferior pads.

Universal Design

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Our safety squat bar design was created to handle incredibly heavy loads, while also accommodating smaller, less-experienced users. The 1000 lb weight capacity ensures virtually any athlete in your weight room won’t exceed the limits of this bar. Yet the 60lb, 89″L design is more compact than comparable safety squat bars.

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