Score Big with Blitzball: The Perfect Addition to Your PE Program!

Have you heard your students talk about Blitzball? This new game is similar to whiffle ball, but uses a unique patent-pending baseball design that allows players to add more spin and speed to each pitch! Blitzball is a great way to challenge students and add a unique twist to the game while meeting SHAPE America National Standards & Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12.

Blitzball has gone viral across the country with YouTube channels such as Blitzball and COMO Blitzball and has been featured on several Dude Perfect videos.

Gopher’s Unique Blitzball Strike Zone Indicator:

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Gopher teamed up with Blitzball to develop the Official Blitzball StrikeOut Strike Zone Indicator. This strike zone backstop is a perfect complement for Blitzball, Baseball, Softball, or Whiffle ball and can be used to indicate whether a pitch is a strike or ball, allowing students to play independently without an officiating crew. When the ball hits the strike zone indicator, it makes an easy-to-hear sound and drops to the ground for easy collection.

Watch an Official Blitzball Game:

Take a look at Blitzball in action by viewing their 2022 7th Annual Como Blitzball World Series Event:

The Como Blitzball guys also tested the Blitzball skills of MLB players Mychal Givens, Jose Bautista, Scooter Gennett, and Antone Dejesus in this video.

How to Play:

Blitzball can be played in any open field or gymnasium. The Blitzball game pack includes everything needed to play an official game of Blitzball (2 Official Blitzball bats, 4 balls, set of 5 bases, 1 Strike Zone Indicator, and a storage bag).

Pitching Rules:

The pitcher stands roughly 50 ft from home base and throws the ball to the batter. The pitcher is allowed 6 balls before the batter is walked. The ball can be thrown with a curve, sinker, or other type of spin to make it harder to hit.


The batter tries to hit the ball with the bat and score runs, similar to baseball or softball. If the batter strikes out, it is considered an out. If the ball is caught by a fielder before it hits the ground, it is also an out.

Running the Bases:

If the ball is hit into play, the batter runs around the bases. The fielding team tries to catch the ball and get it to a base before the runner reaches it. If the ball gets to the base before the runner, the runner is out. If the runner reaches the base safely, they are safe.


A run is scored when a runner touches home plate before the fielding team can get the ball to the plate. The team with the most runs at the end of the game, wins. Leagues throughout the US have customized Blitzball rules to adapt to their players and environment. In Physical Education, we’d recommend playing in smaller groups for a set amount of time with frequent rotations.

Ideas to Adapt for All Ages:

  • Students Pitch Underhand: Encourage students to pitch underhand if the batter is having a difficult time making contact with the ball.
  • Increase Ball Size: Instead of a Blitzball, have students hit with an oversized Resisdent ball (4” or 5”).
  • Increase Bat Size: Phenom Flat Bats and Phenom Big Bats are great for younger students to increase success hitting the ball.
  • Add a Tee: If students are having a difficult time hitting the Blitzball, add a Tee!

Other Ways to Utilize the Blitzball Game Pack in PE:

  • Challenge advanced students to work on a variety of pitch types by using a Blitzball. The unique design on the Blitzball over exaggerates the amount spin, which will help students practice these pitches.
  • Mix-up target games: add a unique twist to knockdown games by adding a Blitzball to the mix. Students will have to work on controlling their throw to hit a target. The balls are made of high-quality plastic. We would recommend not using this ball in any dodgeball or target style game.

Join the Conversation!

If you have played Blitzball or have any additional ideas on how to use this pack in Physical Education, join the conversation by contributing in the comment section below!

SHAPE America Standards and Grade- Level Outcomes:

  • Elementary (S1.E14) Manipulative Overhand Throw
  • Elementary (S1.E25) Manipulative Striking, Long implement
  • Middle School (S1.M2) Games and Sports Invasion and field games – Throwing
  • Middle School (S1.M20-M21) Games and Sports Fielding and striking games – Throwing and Catching
  • Middle School (S2.M10-M12) Games and Sports: Shot selection, offensive strategies, reducing space.
  • High School (S1.H1) Lifetime Activities
  • High School (S2.H2,H3,H5) Movement concepts, principles, and knowledge

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