Sepak Takraw: Kick Your Way to Fast-Paced Action in PE

Sepak Takraw is a game from Southeast Asia that is extremely fast and, in my opinion, very challenging to play at a high level. I encourage you to take a look at the video below of Sepak Takraw.

Modifying for Physical Education

I have played this game in a modified version, but have yet to try it with my students. This is the year I will introduce it to my students. Basically, Sepak Takraw is foot volleyball and with my students being crazy about soccer, I think this will be a hit! This game involves a tremendous amount of foot-eye coordination and flexibility.

What do you need to play?

Sepak Takraw instructions

I am going to use my badminton courts and nets, as the courts and nets are similar in size. I do not have an official ball, so I am going to be using a coated-foam ball and maybe, to start, I might use a beach ball to slow the game down until my students get the hang of it. You will need to add a service circle on both courts and also the corner marks. 

A team consists of three players. The Tekong is the team’s server and plays in the back. The other two players are called the Left Inside and the Right Inside. They are responsible for defending at the net and also tossing the ball to the server to start a serve. For my class, I am going to have my students rotate just like in volleyball so that all players have a chance to try each position.

How to Play Sepak Takraw

To start a serve, one of the Inside players will toss the ball to the Tekong. The Tekong must keep one foot in the service circle and kick the ball over with the other foot. The ball may hit the net on the serve, again just like volleyball. The opposing team may stand anywhere on their side of the court to receive the serve. The serving team will serve 3 points in a row, regardless of who scores, and then the serve will go to the other team, who again serves 3 in a row. Play until a team scores 15 point, and the team must win by 2. If the score is tied at 14, the serve alternates after every point. Points are scored just like volleyball.

Kids playing Sepak Takraw

Again, this is a challenging game. And for my students, we will most likely use to start with a beach ball. I do have several students that will quickly move to a coated-foam ball, so I will have 6 courts playing at one time with a different ball on each court.

If you took the time to watch the YouTube video at the beginning of this post, then you will understand that warming up and stretching is extremely important before playing this game. This might be one of my biggest reservations with this game, because I have students that will go for the gold in this game. I cringe at the thought of one of our soccer players tearing a hamstring! If any of you decide to try playing, remember we are not as flexible as we once were, so don’t be the one I fear getting hurt!


Sepak Takraw is a face-paced game that you and your students will love! Have you played it or a modified version in your classes before? Share your tips and ideas below!

Equipment Needed for Sepak Takraw in PE:

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