Phys. Ed. Super Shuttle Relay [Video]

What’s the biggest down side to relays in physical education? There are a few answers, but the worst offender is that there is too much down time for students standing in lines. Super Shuttle Relay makes sure students are always on the move and best of all, you can use any equipment you have on hand for this activity!

Level 1

Students get into groups of 5 or 6 (depending on class size) and hustle to a designated colored cone.  The first two students in each line hustle to the same color cone on the opposite side of the gym. One stands on the poly spot in front of the cone and the other stands behind the cone. Place all equipment on the baseline of gym.

From the start line, the first person in each line hustles and gets the teacher-designated equipment from the baseline and brings it back to the start line. On the teacher’s signal, that same person runs with (shuttles) the designated equipment to the person directly across from them and hands it off. That person then shuttles back to the opposite side. This continues until the teacher stops the msuic of blows the whistle. The time allotment is usually 1-2 minutes per equipment.

Level 2

Take it up a notch by assigning the students in line a secondary exercise/stretch to perform.

Level 3

Add a half-court wind sprint on one or both sides.

Cool Down

End this activity with a fun cool down.

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